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This is the thought leadership blog of Radancy, the global leader in talent acquisition technologies. Here you’ll find the newest thinking and insight within the digital talent acquisition, recruiting and employer brand spaces.
There are many paths to the same destination! But only targeted recruiting channels lead suitable candidates to your company. One of these channels is your career website. It is the heart of your talent acquisition strategy and a crucial element of your candidate journey. After all, it gives potential candidates an initial insight into your company.
What motivates employees to stay? What drives them to leave? These are questions that organizations are asking themselves more and more as retaining existing employees is a crucial strategy when dealing with the growing recruiting challenges surrounding the shortage of skilled workers and the war for talent. We have taken a closer look at the factors that influence employee retention and are providing solutions to strengthen them.
A poor candidate journey has far-reaching implications for employers, especially at a time when peer recommendations and reviews on recruitment platforms are a huge determinator of whether or not a prospective candidate applies to a job. Applicants and employees share their experiences and have a significant influence on an organization’s employer brand. Companies that give priority to optimizing the candidate experience have an undeniable advantage.
Rewards are a great way to motivate high-quality performance, and many companies are well aware of this. An effective reward strategy, however, is often overlooked. This article will teach you how to successfully implement a reward strategy in five simple steps.

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