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Referrals from employees are a good way to attract new candidates. Find out which employees can best help you with recruiting.
The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic brought on a host of unprecedented challenges and changes to the world as we knew it, including the world of recruitment. Companies had to adapt almost overnight to meet the new needs of talent acquisition: remote hiring and onboarding. As we see the beginning of the end of the pandemic, it is evident that some changes are here to stay, including navigating recruitment remotely. This raises questions on how to combat the challenges that remote recruitment brings, in order for companies to remain competitive in these changing times. 
We’ve all heard about corporate culture and its importance within organizations—now it’s time to talk about referral culture. With employee referrals being a key to recruitment success that more and more companies are becoming aware of, building a referral culture has never been so critical. Employees are at the center of referrals, meaning that for them to work, i.e., see referrals come in, existing employees must be engaged. And what better way to do that than by fostering a culture of referring and having the whole company on board with reaching recruitment success? 
Having productive employees is one thing, but what about engaged employees? Is there a difference? A corporate environment that exudes commitment from its people has no hard time with engaging them, making them reinforcement for strengthening the backbone of the company. Getting to that level is feasible with a little bit of legwork, but the exact steps that need to be taken to reach it aren’t so obvious. 
Long before the COVID-19 crisis, which has put companies to the test, companies have been facing challenges owing to the evolution of digitization and globalization. Continue reading to find out how a positive corporate culture can ensure stability in times of change and uncertainty, and how it can contribute to the motivation of employees.

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