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No Desk, No Problem: Employee Referrals To Meet Your Recruitment Needs

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Non-desk employees can vary in their roles and industries, from construction to aviation to healthcare. The lack of a traditional office setup means that proven recruitment solutions are not being given a chance to elevate talent acquisition amongst non-desk employees, and this includes employee referrals.

However, employee referral technology has come a long way in recent years, and many companies are discovering that employee referrals can truly uncover a whole new pool of much-needed talent.

Who Are Non-desk Employees?

Non-office, or, non-desk jobs as we refer to them, are exactly what their name suggests: jobs that are completed away from the desk environment (1). This means that employees’ daily tasks often involve being physically active, whether it be as a nurse running through hospital wards or a pilot flying a plane, non-desk employees are often on the go.

Communicating With Desk vs. Non-Desk Employees

When it comes to desk employees, communication is usually straightforward in that it is via the mainstream methods of emails and meetings, through which important information is relayed and discussed. As for non-desk employees, it can be difficult to engage them within corporate communication and keep them updated due to the nature of their work.

To counteract this issue, communication with non-desk employees can be ensured through means that are convenient and flexible with their daily tasks. These ways include heavily asynchronous methods, such as the company’s intranet, the recording of online meetings, digital workspaces, and of course: mobile applications.

Mobile applications are a highly successful form of communication, especially amongst non-desk employees as their mobile tends to become their desk. By having a corporate application with a friendly user interface, employees are more likely to engage with company news. Push notifications are a feature that add to this, as non-desk employees can be clearly notified in the case of important announcements, and stay informed with just a click.

Non-Desk Employees and Referrals

Recruitment challenges are encountered by countless companies thanks to widespread issues including the War for Talent and the Big Quit. These recruitment issues are hard hitting for non-desk jobs too. For example, the World Health Organization predicting a healthcare worker shortage of 10 million by 2030. Airlines are also struggling to keep up with staffing needs, especially as the travel industry begins to recover from the tough pandemic years—an estimated 18,000 vacancies will open up for pilots this year.

Now more than ever, companies are starting to realise the power of their own employees’ networks when it comes to talent acquisition—introduce: employee referrals. The benefits of implementing a digital employee referral program are endless, with many employees knowing others qualified for roles in the same industry. Not only does this better the chances of recruiting for those hard-to-fill roles, but it also taps into the passive workforce.

With a digital employee referral program, non-desk employees can be included. This is particularly the case with programs that offer a mobile application, allowing employees to easily be notified of any new openings and even more easily share them with their network. By having their company’s vacancies at their fingertips, non-desk employees become a part of the referral program, and are no longer excluded because of the active nature of their job.

Long gone are the days where a traditional office set up was needed for employees to stay in the loop about any company happenings, or to put in a good word for those who they think could be an excellent new addition. Not only does this promote recruitment, but it also heightens employee inclusion as non-desk employees stay informed, updated and feel acknowledged. With the addition of a reward shop on top of this, employees can become especially recognized for their efforts to propel the company’s workforce.

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(1) https:\/\/,working%20a%20non%2Doffice%20job.

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