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Best HR Recruitment Methods

Best HR Recruitment Methods

Technological advancements have driven major changes in how companies recruit new candidates. The hiring process has been transformed by the availability of tools, including interview scheduling and video interviewing software. Before companies reach the interview stage, they first need to choose good recruitment methods so they can have a better talent pool of applicants. Without …

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talent acquisition

Learn all about the talent acquisition process with Firstbird!

Talent acquisition is the practice of attracting, acquiring, and retaining the best candidates to sustain a company’s operations well into the future. Instead of focusing on filling current job openings, talent acquisition teams target skilled workers who may fill a variety of positions within a company. Using proven processes, they source the company’s specialists and …

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people networking in recruitment

How to Use Networking in Recruitment

The market for qualified candidates is hugely competitive. Many professional candidates hold career positions in companies where they are comfortable and are not looking for a change. If no one engages in recruitment efforts, these candidates will remain at their current place of employment without knowing about the opportunities available in your organization. To remain …

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