About Us

Our Company

We founded Firstbird in 2013 to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to hire new talents. The most natural and efficient way to connecting people with jobs is through personal relationships. As we knew that referrals are key to better hires, we build a cloud-based employee referral platform for teams and corporations that makes recruiting easy and more efficient than ever before.

Over 2,150 companies worldwide, ranging from German media giant Bertelsmann to some of the world’s most successful startups, trust in Firstbird to recruit the best talent for their companies.

Our Product

Firstbird offers innovative recruiting solutions to companies worldwide through the power of employee referrals. It is a program that connects you with talent for your company, through the use of referrals. After setting up your account in just a few minutes, you can invite your employees, alumni, and business partners to be Talent Scouts. Your Talent Scouts will share your company’s jobs on their social networks, and can refer candidates with personal recommendations. The end result is you receive quality applications and candidates who are personally recommended, and a perfect fit for your company.

Arnim Wahls

Founder & CEO

Matthias Wolf

Founder & COO

Daniel Winter

Founder & CTO


Finch is so much more than just our mascot – he’s part of the Firstbird team. Our favourite little furry bird, he’s great at keeping your Talent Scouts in the know, and he loves a good chat! His bright personality is perfect for motivating your employees, and he’d do pretty much anything to help you out. In his spare time, Finch likes to take holidays with his friends in the south, has an interest in nest architecture, and loves to drink cocktails in Hawaii.  

Data Protection Officer

Notice is hereby given that according to the German Federal Data Protection Law § 4f Abs. 1 the company Firstbird GmbH ordered an external data protection officer effective from 01.09.2017.

Marco Tessendorf

Data protection and information security advisor
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