6 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Job Openings

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    Here are 6 simple and cost-effective ways to promote your job openings:


     1. Make use of free job boards

    A quick Google search will show you job sites that offer free postings for your job openings. It’s all a matter of finding one that meets your hiring needs. It’s also advisable to make use of niche job boards like the ones in this list. Niche job boards offer you the ability to have more targeted promotions that are specific to location, industry, and more.

      2. Utilize the traffic on your website

    If your company has a website that generates traffic, then make the most out of it. Create a “Careers” or “Jobs” page on your website to display your current job openings. It’s a resourceful way of advertising your job openings to candidates who are interested and already on your site.

    Your career-site reflects your voice, giving you the perfect opportunity to communicate your company’s brand and establish your unique employment opportunities. It’s also the definitive source of information for prospective job-seekers interested in your company. So make sure, you utilize it to the fullest!

    3. Don’t forget about social media

    Social Media has made marketing and sales so much more cost-efficient. Why not use it for recruitment as well? Even the top-tier companies are making use of social media because of the bigger candidate pool it offers.

    As an example, you can use jobs and networking groups on Facebook like this one to advertise your job openings. The key is in finding a group that is suitable for your business’s location and industry. Posting on Facebook groups is free and it allows instant engagement with commenters and interested applicants. You can also utilize various other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to distribute and promote your job postings.

    Check out this informative case study of how L’Oreal utilizes a mix of social media platforms to recruit top talent.

    4. Partner up with local universities/colleges

    Universities and colleges are always interested in tying up with businesses. They do this to expose their students to possible internship or employment opportunities. You can access  quality talent as they’re about to start their careers. Most universities organize job fairs or expos for their students, and you should make most of these cost effective recruiting events by partnering with local universities and colleges.

    5. Participate in career-related online discussions

    Candidates today go online to get answers to their job related queries such as how to progress in their careers or how to get into a specific industry. When you participate in these online discussions, then you’re actively engaging potential candidates at minimal costs. You can find discussions around careers and recruitment in your industry at popular sites such as Reddit, Quora and HubSpot and engage with applicants directly. Best part is future applicants can also find the conversation, your company, and your job posts.

     6. Make use of employee referrals

    There are many reasons as to why an Employee Referral program is one of the best ways to get new recruits; one of which is its cost-effectiveness. With employee referrals you are able to bypass expensive talent agency fees and paid job advertisements. You only need to make use of the human resources that are already at your disposal. Build an effective employee referral program with fair incentives and clear communication lines.  If you’re able to do that, you are bound to yield results that will exceed your expectations.


    If you’re interested in making use of an employee referral program but you’re not sure how to get started, contact Firstbird now! We offer an innovative employee referral platform and App that can be tailored to suit the recruitment needs of your company. Click on this link and watch the talent roll in.

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