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How to hire for those hard-to-fill roles

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In fact, according to CareerBuilder’s report – which was based on more than 5000 HR professionals worldwide – the positions which are most challenging to fill are:


Furthermore, research shows that an increasing number of top talent, increasingly lose interest in the traditional working model and pursue greater flexibility in their schedule. So, what should your plan of action be, if you need to hire for a hard-to-fill job?

Join Industry-specific online discussions

Candidates use the internet to participate in discussions that relate to their industry and to get answers to their job-related queries. When you partake in these online discussions, then you’re actively engaging potential candidates. You can find industry-specific discussions and forums around careers and recruitment at popular sites such as Reddit, Quora and HubSpot. Best part is future applicants can also find the conversation, your company, and your job posts.

Revise your job descriptions

A well-written job description will help you attract high-powered and qualified candidates, and at the same time, it will support you make the review and interview process a lot more efficient. To simplify the writing process and make it more succinct use clear and attractive language that focuses on the benefits of working at your company. Here you can find a very insightful article on how to write an outstanding job description without making these 7 most common mistakes.

Create a positive working culture

To create a positive culture within your organization you have to engage with employees and potential talent, by having a corporate culture that is warm, collaborative and inclusive. An engaged workplace leads directly to higher profitability, increased customer ratings and reduced turnover.

Encourage Employee Referrals

A lot of times, thriving companies with a strong human resource foundation will already have a team of employees with well-established networks for talent sourcing. The best companies understand that tapping into the resources of their own employees will most likely yield positive results. Statistics show that employee referrals can yield up to 40% of recruits proving that employee referrals can be a great way to hire for those hard-to-fill roles.

If you are looking to hire top-performing candidates for your business Firstbird can help. Using Firstbird’s referral recruitment solutions you can setup a comprehensive employee referral program to recruit talent. 

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