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How To Boost Your Referral Recruitment Through Better Employee Experience

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1. Create a positive company culture experience

According to a survey conducted by SRHM, respectful treatment of employees is the top reason why people love their jobs. A positive company culture makes employees feel valued and boosts their morale. To achieve this, HR departments need to implement policies which promotes equality and rejects any form of discrimination at the workplace. This shows that every single individual is valued by the company, regardless of their race, gender or social background.

A positive company culture is also one that celebrates collaboration, where every opinion matters and employees are free to share their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being embarrassed or shot down.

When an employee feels emotionally safe at work, chances are that they will want to stick with your company and eventually lead in recruiting other great talents.

2. Offer a compelling benefit experience

People talk about their work with their friends, and they will often talk about the benefits of being employed at their organization. Improving the benefits experience of your employees is an important way to reach out to their friends and drive referral recruitment.

How can you do this? Salary is a start, but other perks and benefits are just as important in creating a benefits experience that is compelling. You can do this by providing benefits and special add-ons like equity shares, flexible working hours, education allowance or paid holidays.

This all adds to the overall benefits experience of an employee that they will talk about with their friends. If you can make the benefits experience at your company compelling, this will drive referral recruitment.

3. Performance review experience

Performance reviews are often viewed as dull or tiresome. As a business owner or HR manager, you should ensure that each performance review is a positive experience. Employees who feel that their achievements are valued and that the company wants them to succeed will speak positively about their experience to friends and become brand ambassadors.

You, therefore, should ensure that performance reviews are a constructive experience each employee looks forward to. This can be done by conducting performance reviews with employees in a relaxed setting, giving as many positive points as possible, and suggesting new and fun opportunities for the employee to grow and develop.

4. Provide a personal growth experience

The best employees are the ones who are constantly improving their skills as they grow within the organization. Employers can capitalize on this by providing flexibility among staff to try out personal projects that they might want to explore. Employers can also provide skills training in work-related topics. This will encourage staff to continually improve their craft and stay relevant for the company.

Nobody likes a mindless and boring job so if you have leeway to improve employee work experience through special trainings, please do so.
Those were some ways in which you can boost referral recruitment through better employee experience. How is employee experience affecting referral recruitment at your business? Let us know in the comment section below.

You can find other ways to build a solid referral program with Firstbird, where you can tailor-fit strategies to suit the recruitment needs of your company.


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