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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

Our Journey With Remote Work – Week 1

On Monday March 16th, we started mandatory home office for our entire team. We are sharing what we have learned from our first weeks of home office in hopes it might help you and your company adjust to our new “normal” in terms of our work life.

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Week 1: Full speed ahead to remote island

We entered week one with energy and excitement. There was a strong sense of being able to adapt as a team to something we hoped would be short-lived. In order to make our transition to remote work as smooth as possible, we:

Increased our communication: We communicated changes more frequently in order to help support employees and reorient them to our new way of working during uncertain times. For example, we usually meet as an entire organization bi-weekly which we changed to weekly meetings.

Adapted our culture: we quickly added new channels and outlets to let our company culture thrive. Using Slack, we introduced a variety of new channels to support our teams and to allow them to connect. These included:

  • #coffeebreaks: Here our team can have a spontaneous conversation and break over a coffee. Anyone can post a note in the channel at any time and pop on a permanent video call link and take a break together.
  • #birdiesathome: Our team (known as birdies to us) shared pictures of their home office set-up in this channel which often featured a furry co-worker or two.
  • #corona-cuisine: A channel to share new recipes and inspiration for cooking well at home.
  • #parents: A channel for our team members who are parents to share ideas for activities for children at home.
  • #fitness: a channel to share home workout ideas and to keep each other motivated to stay active while at home.

After this first week, we still weren’t fully adjusted to the new situation. So next week we’ll tell you how we prioritize our employees’ well-being during home office.

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