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Our Journey with Remote Work – Week 2

On Monday March 16th, we started mandatory home office for our entire team. Here we share our experience in week 2.

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Week 2: Adapting to the new challenges

By week two, like many companies, we faced the next set of challenges – mainly preparing our business for our new situation to be a marathon, not a sprint. 

As a provider of recruiting services, our market has changed overnight. Large deals imploded days before signing, our inbound traffic collapsed to zero within a few days and many of our customers especially from the tourism sector took a massive hit. We had to adapt to this new reality. Fast!

While everyone was working hard to steer through the storm we saw that now the insecurity of our economical situation added to the anxiety and insecurity already present through the lock-down.

To counteract we doubled-down on our communication efforts. We implemented more social activities and increased our one-to-one support for team members. We launched additional new initiatives including weekly yoga classes, a team game afternoon and played ‘home-office’ bingo. We also asked our Branch Leads (Team leaders) to reach out to their team members individually. With this type of home office comes the added challenge of the erasure of work-life balance. It was important to take the time to check in with every employee to better understand the stress they were experiencing. Were they trying to manage childcare and work at the same time? Were they worried about an elderly relative? All stress and anxieties are enhanced and brought into work-life in a pandemic. 

With this week we took another step to ensure the well-being of our employees. This was also an important focus for the following weeks for us. Next week, we will tell you how we continue to look after our employees and how we continue to pursue our company goals from home. 

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