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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

The 5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes You Can Make

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1. Fall in love with a candidate’s CV


She completed her studies at Oxford University and started her PhD right after. Then she was part of several types of research at Stanford University. The CV seems straightforward, structured and fulfills all your requirements. One can easily get blinded by a sophisticated candidate with impressive formal education. But be that as it may, recruiters should not only focus on formal criteria. Universities, schools and degrees don’t say much about a person’s personality. They don’t give you figures on punctuality, flexibility or social skills. So don’t get lost in fancy CV’s, rather ask the ones who know the applicant for honest feedback. Trust your network’s referrals instead of a white paper.

 2. Have an unstructured recruiting process

You need 100% transparent processes to be able to progress.

Get insights in success and failure, examine all steps you made, determine the ones that helped you improve and eliminate drawbacks that cost you time and money.

The headhunter you hired a month ago did not bring you any solid applications? – dismiss him! The recruitment agency suggested the same candidate again that did not even fit your last vacant job? – save your money and find a better way!

Nearly 70 % of employers and recruiters reported referrals shortened recruiting processes and saved money. Referrals create a strong recruiting pipeline you can always count on in times of talent shortage for example. Also, a strong talent pipeline is one of the dominant measures of successful recruitment and HR.

Try it out yourself, record and compare results regarding time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, retention time, etc. and boost your recruiting engine!

 3. Ignore & exclude your team

Within recruiting processes the team often receives little attention. Which means that they don’t get anything to say about potential candidates. This can have outrageous effects on prospective team building and cause the new employee’s quitting very soon.

So listen to your team and ask them for feedback about candidates. Let them refer people they know  and they would like to work with.

Neglecting your team raises the risk of hiring wrong candidates on one hand, and also reduces their loyalty to you and your company. Appreciated employees show higher solidarity and affinity to their workplace. Marcus Erb from considers changing the usual way of doing things a great manner to boost your team’s morale. An employee referral program meets the trend of offering your employees new and unusual tasks and helps you improve your recruiting.

 4. Prefer experience to cultural fit

Expert or cultural fit? Ten years of work experience or a team spirit ? What would you choose?

HR professionals and good managers know the choice is easy. They know team building and healthy company culture come first and serve important key findings such as employee retention time. A happy team that gets along, ensures lower HR costs since employees are willing to stay longer. Forbes magazine reports that 89% of employee churn rate is due to failure of company fit.  Therefore you must respect your company culture and trust your team when your aim is to empower it with a new member.

 5. Believe that everyone would love working for you

Although you know all the advantages for working at your company, your potential candidates don’t have a clue about them. That’s when you need to step in and actually start “selling” your jobs! Think of branding: don’t ever publish a job without your logo, because no one will ever recognise you. Upload some engaging team or office pictures and let candidates get a taste of your company simply through a job ad.

You’re not the only one their applying to. They probably sent out 10 more applications. Since it’s not only you taking the final call, you have to make sure a great candidate chooses you over every other company. Outstanding descriptions will also attract those candidates, who are not actively looking for a new job. Creative job postings that raise interest in your company to all potential candidates, whether they’re active or passive job seekers.

Also bear in mind that like attracts like. If you write a boring job description you will probably interview a boring applicant. Present the job, the team and your company in the most interesting way possible and get ready for the best candidates!

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