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The Best Ways To Recruit New Employees

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But there is one main thing that differentiates recruiting from fishing. To improve your fishing skills you simply need luck, but to improve your recruiting skills, you need innovation! Here’s how you hire new employees successfully:

Focus on target groups

Consider who might become your new employee:

  • A millennial, a person born after 1980, who spends most of his time online?
  • A passive candidate who already has a job, but is not 100% happy with it?
  • Someone addicted to social media who has a great online network?

Well, it’s probably one of them since those three categories make up 70% of your potential candidates! The secret is that they are still not aware that they might be working at your company anytime soon. And that’s when you need to step in and work hard to get their attention. Here’s how to adjust your recruiting methods:


Forget those old school brochures or newspaper announcements no one will ever read! The Huffington Post reports that print magazines are “in the most dire trouble at the moment” because they lost their readers to digital media. Digitalize your jobs descriptions and don’t print them!

Here are some tips on how (or how not) to write job descriptions.

Social media

In 2016 social media channels counted 2,4 billion users. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., offer great opportunities when it comes to recruiting millennials or those who frequently use social media. You can also boost your job post – on Facebook, for example, the costs start from 1€ per click. But even non-sponsored shares can reach numerous potential candidates and get you high-quality applications.

For some of you, it might seem untrustworthy to apply for a job on social media. But think like a Millennial – basically, their whole life is projected online. They get married and immediately share it on Facebook, they use Instagram to show what they eat, and tweet about whom they choose to vote. So, be confident when sharing your jobs on social networks, it’s rewarding!

Listen to your team and receive great referrals!

Allow your employees to co-create the team and to decide whom they would like to work with! This way you can prevent employee churn rates and make sure your potential candidates are a perfect fit for your company. Ask them for honest feedback when one of their friends applies through their job share.

Experience the magic of referrals on your own.Try it out now!

Provide sharable content for your employees

People highly appreciate employee generated content. A job shared by one of your employees is stronger than any other acquisition campaign. Therefore you need to encourage your employees to post your content or your jobs on social media or via email. Offer special rewards and show your gratitude! By doing this, you will increase your employee brand and loyalty and furthermore impress potential (passive) candidates.

Also, make sure readers recognize your brand immediately to link those positive impressions of your company automatically. This is an excellent way to enforce your brand’s online awareness and to attract passive candidates. They will think “This company must be great if employees share its content. I should get a closer look at the job description. ” and you will soon receive attractive applications.

Join events & start networking!

Increase your company’s network at events! Get in conversations with people who have great contacts and who will share your jobs with pleasure. Don’t forget to reward their accomplishments as well.

Maybe you also find potential candidates at events. Ask them for their social media profile and make sure, they get informed about your jobs.

Prepare yourself for the following events and boost your network in 2017:

Don’t ever do this!

Hire a recruitment agency

They access the same talent pool each time and for every company! It does not mean that those candidates are not qualified for your position, but the question is if they fit your team. For the very likely event, they don’t, you will soon see the same job description addressing the same talents all over again.

Annoy with private messages on LinkedIn

Please don’t do this! They will ignore you. No one takes private messages from unknown headhunters on LinkedIn seriously. Yes, they may look at the job description, but bear in mind that this is the only thing they see – a boring message that includes some ordinary information sent by a stranger. No emotional or personal aspect at all!

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