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Why You Don’t Need To Use A Recruitment Agency

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There are plenty of other reasons why your company is better off not using a recruitment agency. Here are the 3 most compelling points:

What you should not Do:

1. It’s costing you your employee’s time

Using a recruitment agency still requires a representative of your company to spend their time interviewing and meeting candidates. This is costing you your employee’s productivity, when he/she could be doing other tasks.

Every hour that your employee spends reading CVs and interviewing, adds to the true cost of recruitment.

2. You could be getting recycled CVs

Recruitment agencies cater to a number of different clients in your industry, with all very similar requirements. Your recruitment agency could be sending the same people to you and your competitors.

In essence, you are actually double-paying them to do the same job!

3. The candidates could be giving you a revised version of the truth

Recruitment agencies want their candidates to get the job because that is when they earn their fees. They could be telling the candidates to polish their CVs more to fit into what you’re looking for. They could also be coaching applicants to say exactly what they know the client wants to hear in the interview.


What You Should Do Instead:

1. Create your own HR department

Recruiting and retaining people is a full-time profession in itself. It’s not a one-off task that you can outsource to an agency.

Assign people to be in charge with recruitment in your company. If agencies can do it, so can you.

2. Write and post your own advertisements

You know more about the requirements for your vacancy, so you’re the best person to write the job description. There are many articles online explaining how you can write job adverts effectively, such as how to title a job and when to place it.

You can also post your job advert on your own website and social media accounts for free.

3. Tap your current employees for referrals

Employee referrals are one of the top sources of quality candidates for a lot of companies. Your current employees are the best people to help you find your next great hire. After all, they were great hires themselves when you first on-boarded them, and so the saying goes: birds of the same feather flock together.

Your staff members may have friends, former colleagues or other professional acquaintances that they can refer to your company in exchange for some incentive. Employee referrals result in faster hires, improved employee retention, and higher profitability.


These days, there are many ways you can jumpstart recruitment without the help of agencies. By creating your own strategies and implementing a sound referral program, it’s possible to be your own recruitment agency.

Do you have other ideas on how companies can avoid the use of recruitment agencies? 

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