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Employee Referral Programs

The tasks facing HR managers are many and varied: finding qualified specialists, strengthening employee loyalty, and promoting diversity are just a few. Some important tasks cannot be solved using traditional recruiting channels. But there is one key to success: employee referrals.
71% percent of companies surveyed in our 2023 Employee Benchmark Study state that candidates received through referrals are of high or very high quality. With more insights like this, our article highlights the benefits of leveraging internal networks for better quality hires, faster placements, and improved retention.
Did you know, 50% of surveyed companies report saving on recruiting costs with an employee referral program? Discover more interesting facts about this effective and budget-saving recruiting strategy in our article.
Discover 5 surprising facts about employee referral programs. From the subtle psychological effects to the unexpected impact on company culture, learn how to make your employee referral program even more effective and sustainably strengthen your talent acquisition and employee retention.
Today, many HR managers face more than just the challenge of recruiting top talent for their company – recruiters in all industries worldwide are competing for suitable employees in all disciplines and salary brackets.

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