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The talent you’re most interested in is also the talent your competitors are most interested in. When you succeed in bringing them to your career site, it’s the quality of your site, its content, the ease of navigation, and its relevance to their expectations that will make the difference between whether they choose to apply or not. Let’s find out together how to make your site an asset for effective recruitment.
In this article, we discuss how an effective career page serves as a key to talent acquisition by combining corporate culture and job offers. Learn how it strengthens your employer branding and provides a positive candidate experience. It’s an indispensable guide for HR professionals.
What would life be without the Internet? Both privately and professionally, it is impossible to imagine life without a connection to the World Wide Web. According to a study, around 85% of consumers research a desired product online before making a purchase. For example, websites are among the most frequently used channels for searching for references at 74%, followed by social media at 38%.[1]
What strategies can HR managers use to successfully counter the ongoing tension on the labor market in the search for suitable talent? An important trend in HR technology is and remains artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is predicted that they will find their way into more and more tech tools and software. This will allow Talent Acquisition teams to use data-driven intelligence, machine learning and automation to their advantage in your day-to-day HR operations. For example, to do more with less effort and also to achieve a better Return Of Investment (ROI) for their company. In this way, AI tools help to increase efficiency and productivity.[1]
There are many paths to the same destination! But only targeted recruiting channels lead suitable candidates to your company. One of these channels is your career website. It is the heart of your talent acquisition strategy and a crucial element of your candidate journey. After all, it gives potential candidates an initial insight into your company.

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