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Good communication is half the battle won.

Benefits at a glance


Firstbird empowers your employees with an important part to play in the recruitment process.


Your employees receive immediate feedback on the status of their referred candidates.


Your employees receive targeted notifications about jobs relevant to them.

"Thanks to Firstbird, we involve our employees in the recruiting process. They are automatically informed about current open jobs and receive feedback on their referrals."

Firstbird Customer - annika-arnold

– Annika Arnold – 
Director Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
ISS Facility Services Holding


Firstbird matches your jobs with the interests, departments and locations of your employees. As a result, they receive automated and targeted email or app notifications for jobs that are of interest to them. The frequency of the notifications can be managed on an individual basis.

Feedback Loops

One of the main reasons referral programs fail is due to a lack of feedback. Firstbird ensures that your employees stay up to date on all stages of their referrals.


Speaking of communication:
Firstbird is available in over 15 languages.
















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