Firstbird is ready for your enterprise.

Firstbird has been in the referral space for almost a decade now, serving over 1,000 customers globally. Through our experience,we have become true enterprise specialists in referral programs. Learn how Firstbird supports organizations of all sizes.

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

Complex workflows. Easy integration.

We provide you with a solution that seamlessly fits into your current talent tech stack and eco-system of internal channels. We adapt to you, not the other way. We are more than just a software company. We consider ourselves true referral specialists and strategic advisors.

Meets the highest security needs.

An employee referral program processes highly sensitive personal data from candidates and your employees. Therefore, IT security and data privacy are top priorities for product development at Firstbird (privacy by design) and all internal activities. Firstbird meets all your IT security and Data Privacy as well as work council requirements while maintaining high international competitiveness.

More than just GDPR compliant

Firstbird is based within the EU and is therefore directly bound by the requirements of GDPR. Our compliance and implementation have been strictly monitored from the beginning, and corresponding processes have been developed.

Enable your global team

Firstbird is ready for any multinational team.

Firstbird and Radancy Are Becoming One Company.
We are merging with Radancy, the global leader in talent technology.
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