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Why is Firstbird so effective?


Quality communication is the secret to a successful employee referral program. It ensures high engagement, consistency, and increased motivation leading to greater productivity. Firstbird provides you with optimal communication with your employees by:

  • constantly keeping them informed on the status of their referrals through the use of in-app notifications and automated emails
  • delivering the most relevant information directly to their inbox, and
  • establishing high levels of incentive with automated newsfeed updates and success stories.


By adding a gamification aspect to our employee referral program, we keep interest high by using our instant feedback and recognition processes. It creates friendly competition between employees, departments, and teams, and allows you to recognise them positively for any action – no matter how big or small. If an employee would rather fly under the radar, there’s our incognito mode for them too.


Recognising your employees for successful referrals is so much more than simply gifting them money. Firstbird allows you to customise your rewards policy, enabling you to be creative and streamlining the process so it’s simple and efficient.

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How does it work?

5 steps to your success

1. Customize your account

Color your Firstbird account with your company colors to customize your platform, login page, Talent Scout registration page and jobs. Our branding feature provides your company with significant exposure to every person that comes into contact with your branded jobs and links.

2. Invite your Talent Scouts

You invite your Talent Scouts personally or with the automatic invitation link provided. Talent Scouts are your employees, alumni and business contacts who will share your company’s jobs on their social networks. By inviting your Talent Scouts to become your recruiters, no longer are you at mercy to external challenges or environments. You are now independently sourcing your future employees and there is no limit to your recruiting success.

3. Your jobs are matched & distributed

Once your jobs are created, we match them by location and department and automatically distribute them to your Talent Scouts for you. Your Talent Scouts can share your jobs across their networks, providing you with quality candidates and honest referrals. You can create your jobs manually or via an API, and you’ll also receive analytics and insights for every job you create.

Yes, Firstbird integrates with your ATS. Learn more.

4. The sharing & referring starts

Once your Talent Scouts receive their jobs, they can start sharing them across their networks and providing you quality candidates and personal referrals. Firstbird integrates with all social and professional networks, and each link is individualised so you know where your referrals come from!

Talent Scouts can share your company’s jobs easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing. They can also share their personalised link privately over email and Whatsapp.

Once someone applies through a share, the Talent Scout responsible will be asked to provide feedback on the candidate. This means your recruiters will receive personal feedback for every referral that comes through social media.  

Direct referrals provide your Talent Scouts with an easy, straightforward way to refer a candidate. The Talent Scout can directly upload a candidate’s CV (with the candidate’s approval of course) along with a personal referral, and their information will be sent straight to you.

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5. Manage your referrals easily

Referral Management

Firstbird makes it easy for you to identify the source of each referral, so you know who to thank once you start making those hires! We also help you keep all your referrals, candidate information and status in one place so they’re manageable and conveniently accessible.

And remember, you don’t have to worry about a second system because Firstbird integrates with your ATS!

Reward Management

Rewarding your Talent Scouts should be a smooth and valuable experience. With Firstbird, you can effortlessly set individual rewards for jobs, create a company specific reward policy and nominate your preferred currency. We also offer helpful expert advice such as our Guide to Rewards so you can show your appreciation for all those quality candidates you’ll be receiving!


With our ever advancing analytics feature, you will receive essential information and valuable insights into your key demographics. You can quickly identify and compare your top departments and locations, and determine your number of Talent Scouts as well as their shares.


Other things we're great at!

Security & Privacy

We value your privacy so your data will always be safe with us.

HR Expertise

Decades of HR experiences means no problem is too big or small.

Onboarding Support

Our Customer Happiness Team will be there to help you every step of the way.

5 Minute Setup

Create your account and start receiving referrals in minutes – no installation or implementation needed.

Multi-language Support

Our multi-language platform means that we speak your language.

Relentless Innovation

We never stop striving to deliver a top quality, state-of-the-art product that you love to use.

We integrate with your ATS

Firstbird interconnects with the tools you work with. We easily integrate with ATS providers and have an open API that allows anyone to integrate with us. So the opportunities are endless.  

The new Firstbird App for Slack empowers companies to integrate their referral program even deeper into their organization.

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