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What Is An Employee Referral Program?

An employee referral program is a recruitment method designed to allow employees to be involved in their company’s recruiting process. The idea revolves around employees sharing their company’s job vacancies in their own networks and providing recommendations for candidates who apply.

6 Great Recruitment Strategies For Startups

6 Great Recruitment Strategies For Startups Recruiting great candidates for a startup can sometimes pose a challenge. The company is fairly new and might not have much traction as opposed to more established organizations.

The Best Headhunters In The World

You want it cheap, fast but still professional? We have a secret for you! Here’s the shortlist of the best headhunters for your company:

Here’s Why Employee Referrals Have To Be Data Driven

Data plays an important part in implementing a successful employee referral program as it allows recruiters to measure effectiveness based on key metrics. Through data, teams are shown statistical proof that you have met your referral targets.

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