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4 Unique Recruitment Ideas That Can Pay Off Big Time

Tried and tested recruitment strategies are good, but sometimes, you need to get a little creative if you’re trying to hire the best and the brightest talents to join your company.

Usually, your dream employees are out there, doing great work for other companies. Your challenge is to find them and persuade them to explore your current job vacancies.What you need are out-of-the-box recruitment ideas to get the attention of those potential hires. Here are some unique recruiting ideas to help you get your next best employee:

1. Hire a food truck

Nothing brings people together more than good soulful food. You can work with a popular food truck to give out free or discounted food in the parking lots of targeted companies during their lunch break. Create an online sign-up form where people can register to get their free snack. You get contact details of potential hires, while they get their free tacos.
You can also make it your mobile hiring center and wrap the truck with your company’s branding.

2. Give out recruitment cards

In addition to a business card, make your employees carry a special recruitment card they can give out to people who they think could be a great future hire.
This method has been utilized by Apple where employees give out cards containing the message, “You’re amazing. We should talk.” while on the other side it has a short phrase about how the person’s customer service was exceptional and that they could definitely fit well with working for the Apple Store.You can get creative with your spiel, depending on the nature of the position you’re trying to fill.

3. Give out fun employee referral rewards

Employee referrals bring in some of the best hires for a lot of companies. You want to incentivize your team to refer their friends and colleagues, so think of a cool reward you want to offer to your employees.
You can offer small (movie tickets, gift cards, etc.), medium (iPads, cameras, etc.), and big ticket items (paid holidays, free family vacations, etc.) as rewards.

4. Make viral recruitment videos

According to research, companies who use creative recruitment videos increased their application rate by 34 percent. On average, a potential candidate only spends 30 seconds or less when reviewing a posting. If you have a funny and compelling recruitment video, you can bump up their attention span to up to four minutes per posting.

You can ask your employees to star in the videos so they are more engaged when it comes to recruitment. It will endear them to your company and boost their company pride.
The competition for top talent is quite stiff and so, you must up your recruitment game by trying out fun and out-of-the-box recruitment ideas. The potential payoff could mean attracting the best talents in the industry, which is a worthy cause for any company.

Do you have other creative recruitment ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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