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How Are HR Tech Trends Changing Our Workplaces?

Human resources have gone a long way in the past few years, with professional tech tools like mobile apps and cloud computing software helping recruiters and hiring managers to reduce time and effort spent on administrative tasks, so they can focus on issues that require more hands-on attention.


HR trends in technology simplify responsibilities like recruitment, record keeping, and payroll, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and even employee morale.

Here’s how:

Less Paperwork Because of Cloud Storage

Apps like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive allow for secure data storage in the cloud. It eliminates the need to have paper copies of employee files because now, data is easy to search and organize, and can be accessed with a few clicks.

HR departments are sometimes required to keep employee information for a number of years, but now they can keep everything in order and accessible without the need for file cabinets and expansive storage rooms.

Performance Assessments Are More Accurate

Assessing employee performance is one of the key functions of the HR department. HR trends in tech have pushed for the creation of several software programs to be used, to evaluate performance using key performance indicators (KPIs).

This software can be used to track real-time employee performance, pinpoint particular areas where an employee needs improvement and put the right systems in place to offer additional training as needed.

Pay and Benefits Information Is Accessible to Employees Anytime

There are payroll technologies that allow staff members to access their pay and benefits information at any time. They can see data on how much they pay in taxes, their 401(K) contribution, their flex spending account and so much more.

These apps have automated record-keeping and data organization, which lets employees explore their data online when it’s convenient for them.

Real-time Feedback Technology Increases Employee Engagement

By harnessing the power of mobile and cloud technology, in addition to big data, businesses have the opportunity to make massive changes for the better. They can use apps to conduct surveys among their staff on ways the company can improve its operations.

Employee engagement is important in human resource retention, so it is essential to provide channels where staff can give feedback on their workplace.

More Organized Recruitment Using Digital Systems

One of the best ways to use tech in HR is through recruitment software that makes hiring, a breeze.

Recruiters can use social networks like LinkedIn and pre-employment screening tests, HR departments can now reach a wide audience and more effectively and efficiently evaluate an applicant’s skills and personality, with a view of selecting the right fit for both the position and the company as a whole.


Additionally, recruiters can use employee referral recruitment systems to find and encourage staff members to help find potential employees within their professional and personal circles. We can help you set up your recruitment system here.

Do you have any other ingenious ways to use technology in recruitment? Share with us on the comments section below.

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