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Social Recruiting – Here’s How To Start!

If you haven’t integrated social media into your recruiting strategy yet, then maybe it’s time to catch up.  Nowadays, 73% of companies successfully hired a candidate with social media. It’s true that having a social media recruitment strategy can drive conversions and results if done correctly. Here are 6 simple steps to boost your social recruiting results.

1. Update your social media profile

It’s almost second nature now that if a candidate is interested in a company, the first thing he will do is to visit your company’s social media profiles. So if you’re using social media for recruiting, it’s good to ensure that your social media pages have a professional photo, banner image, and a detailed summary. This won’t take much effort, but can make a world of difference to your social recruiting efforts.

2. Collaborate with your corporate marketing team

Your company’s marketing team can help you spread the word about current vacancies in the organization through the corporate social media accounts. The marketing team can assist you in coming up with creative content ideas to reach and recruit more people for your company. After all, they handle your company’s branding & marketing, and they will be able to aid you in creating and sharing interesting social media content to hire great candidates.

3. Post video or graphic rich job ads

Traditionally, job ads are straight-forward text descriptions of the vacancy. But on social media, the best way to get candidates’ attention is through videos and photos.
For starters, you can create a short, simple video that explains the requirements for the position you want to fill. End the video with a call-to-action for candidates to send their CV or share the video among their friends. Make sure to also use a relevant hashtag when posting these videos/graphics on social media. You can use the Hashtagify to find industry-specific hashtags that are popular on Twitter and Instagram.

4. Research your competition

Recruiting top candidates is challenging and chances are, your competitors are after the same candidates as you are. You can use social media to research about what social recruiting strategies your competition is implementing  type of content, timing, target audience, etc.
Take a look at what they are doing and strive to do it better!

5. Monitor and evaluate your social recruiting strategy

It’s good to track and measure your social recruiting efforts by keeping tabs on things like total Twitter engagements, number of new LinkedIn followers, and website visits from social media.
Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer their own built-in analytics that you can use for free. You can also use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and see how many visitors came from social media. This can help you see if your efforts are actually paying off, or whether you should put more effort on your social recruitment.

6. Get everyone involved in spreading the word

Getting all your staff involved in the recruitment process can make a significant impact on your social recruitment strategy. They can help boost your social recruitment campaigns by sharing content and referring great candidates from their personal and professional networks.
You can create a specific referral campaign for social media and incentivize your team members for every successful referral.

Don’t have a referral program in place? Firstbird’s referral recruitment solution can help you set up a comprehensive employee referral program to recruit top talent. Feel free to sign up by clicking here.

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