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Can Small Businesses Benefit From HR Software?

Building your next empire can be a costly endeavour. One of the biggest chunk of operational expenses comes from HR and recruitment, and you can’t avoid it, because you always need people to help you grow your start-up or small business. These days, there are tools you can use to help reduce costs by improving the efficiency of your HR processes. Business experts say time equals money, and if there are ways to speed up processes, while simultaneously eliminating errors, it can directly benefit an SME’s bottom line.

Here are 6 tips how today’s technology can help your small business streamline its operations in a cost-efficient way.

1. Automate recruitment processes

Technological advancements pave the way for automating everyday human resources processes. You can use an integrated solution to plan and manage a recruitment campaign and save a lot of time. With the ability to create vacancies, track and monitor applications, manage hiring process and transfer new joinees directly to the payroll, you can save time, money and resources.

Automation can reduce the duplication of data (so fewer mistakes are made), simplify pre-employment checks, and allow applicants to apply online. Additionally, the time saved can be spent on dealing with HR issues that require personal intervention.

2. Monitor your team’s KPIs and meet goals

Small business owners need to be well-informed on the status of their business at any given moment. They should be able to access core data and make use of reports on turnover, absence analysis, employee training, recruitment and key performance indicators (KPIs) for clients.

There are cloud-based software that can provide charts, listings and graphs that eloquently present information while providing unrivaled depth and clarity that business owners and clients expect on a daily basis. By having 24/7 access to this information, business owner and clients can make informed decisions, quickly and efficiently.

3. Allow staff members to enter their own data

Businesses can save time by enabling employees to enter their own data into company database using a software, such as daily timesheets to monitor time spent on each project. You can set up a system to give employees the freedom to submit their own hours – data that would normally have to be entered and retrieved by HR departments.

Employees can also self-certify sickness or vacation days enabling HR departments to monitor absences on an individual basis. HR department doesn’t have to retrieve paper-based information within extensive filing systems.

4. Integrate with existing systems

You don’t really need to overhaul your existing systems. Nowadays, HR solutions are fully configurable and can work as a fully integrated or standalone product that manages every aspect of the employee lifecycle.

One size doesn’t fit all, and most solutions provider will offer a suite of software that allows your business to start small and grow over time.

5. Manage employee workflow

HR software can provide an electronic step-by-step workflow to give small businesses all the elements they need to appraise their entire organization. You can assess employee output, listen to employee concerns, review and appraise employee performance, and also monitor day-to-day time spent on client work effortlessly.

6. Keep track of employee referrals

You can keep track of your employee referrals campaigns using software. Referral recruitment software allows you to easily identify the source of each referral, so you know who to thank once you start making hires. Referral recruiting software keeps all referrals, candidates and status information in one place so they’re manageable and conveniently accessible. At Firstbird we help small business to reduce recruitment cost and hire quality candidates through referral recruiting. Learn more on our website.

In the end, small business can benefit greatly by moving from paper-based operations to streamlined web-based HR solutions. It can significantly improve communication and analysis throughout the entire organization, providing you with the understanding to make key decisions and move your business forward.


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