How Do Companies Establish A Successful Employee Referral Program?

Recruitment fails because companies mistrust new tools and methods.  According to Kuebler Ross people, in general, are afraid of change.  We struggle to recover from changes, whether they are good or bad. The only thing preventing depression in unfamiliar situations is a clear-structured communication, guiding us from one step to another.

To be able to introduce new tools – in this case an employee referral program – effectively to their employees, recruiters and leaders must dispel their fear of change. To do so, they should first get a clear picture of the tool’s benefits. Only then, they are ready to operate. Here’s how to:

1. Be confident the (tool has everything you need)

Emphasize the benefits of your employee referral tool in a mindmap and truly convince yourself. Here comes some input:

Employer Brand

A referral tool is the perfect retention program for your employees. By providing your employees with exciting tasks, you ensure they maintain loyal, engaged and happy. Also, they will automatically increase your popularity among job seekers, who take account of  your employees’ opinion of the company when deciding on a job offer.

Sales Function

Remember that in the job market you are not in full control! Confirmed by JobRack, job seekers have the upper hand. That’s why it’s your job to sell your company to them and make sure the best candidate chooses you. As mentioned above, an employee referral tool helps you become an attractive employer. But not only that, by emphasizing the importance of being a sensitive employer, you make a contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Which is highly appreciated by stakeholders and potential customers .

Awareness Factor

A shared job is a shared logo. Employees who voluntarily share your vacancies on social media, represent their commitment to your company in public. Such positive online presence results in an affirmative brand reputation online and offline.

It won’t steal your job – au contraire!

Don’t be afraid of technology stealing your job. It definitely won’t (unless you resist to adapt). An employee referral tool is a software designed to make your life easier and not to steal your job.

2. Get ready to operate

Only take this step when you’re 100% sure of how to introduce the new tool to your employees to prevent change resistance! After implementing your employee referral program successfully, keep these tips as a permanent guidance:

Match vacancies with employees

If you’re looking for a new sales representative to join the sales team, ask their department for a referral. People with the same skills often end up in the same network. It’s quite likely they know a suitable candidate from their former work or university. That’s why it’s easier for a sales manager to hire a new sales representative, than a back-end developer. By matching jobs with employees, you accelerate your recruiting process and also ensure your team does not lose their motivation due to lack of fitting candidates within their network.

Write a clear job description

An interesting job description is crucial to your hiring success. Give candidates a clear picture of what to expect and be honest. Inform them about payment and your expectations. Highlight the exciting parts of the work, but don’t omit integral requirements.  And, don’t forget your branding!

Maintain the circuit of success by rewarding your team

Rewards will help your team retain motivation. Show appreciation for great commitment with creative thank-yous. You can reward successful hires, multiple shares or other remarkable activities.

Good luck!


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