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How To Create A Positive Company Culture

Companies with positive company culture are dream workplaces for great candidates. Also, from a recruitment standpoint, employers should consistently find ways to cultivate a positive environment and atmosphere.

Here are four ways to create a company culture that employees will thrive in.

1. Assign cultural ambassadors

Office cultural ambassadors articulate and model the company’s values, and ensure that employees are acting in accordance to these values.

It’s not necessary that it’s the HR department who’s going to spearhead the company culture initiative. All other employees also have a stake in ensuring that the culture leads to a happy and productive workplace. You can create a culture committee, comprised of individuals from each department who act as cultural ambassadors.

2. Define the culture

The culture committee, with the help of management, should identify what aspects of culture they want to develop. Look at your company’s brand and see what is the image you want to be publicly perceived as. Internal company culture should reflect and mirror the external brand the company wants to project and see what is the image you want to be publicly perceived as. Internal company culture should reflect and mirror the external brand the company wants to project.

To start, pinpoint three to five qualities you’d like to develop in your employees and work your way from there.

3. Start making changes

To cultivate a positive culture, the committee should focus on identifying small and large changes to the company that will gradually impact the overall tone of the workplace. For example, if you want to create a culture of innovation, you can change the allocation of work time of your employees, to allow opportunities for them to create pet projects, without repercussions if they fail.

Re-evaluate the cultural progression every month and make changes as necessary.

4. Establish accountability

Creating a positive company culture shouldn’t be treated as a side project. Cultural ambassadors may have other duties that could seem more pressing than the company culture, but establishing accountability will push them to take the task seriously.

Culture cultivation is a task that needs to be evaluated in monthly, biannual and annual reviews. You may assign better accountability by linking performance to raises or bonuses.

Creating a positive company culture is challenging but its importance cannot be overemphasized. Taking small­ yet concrete steps to cultivate company culture can help a  company achieve a healthy, happy and productive atmosphere.


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