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How To Reach Passive Candidates When Recruiting

In fact, some of the greatest talent could be found among the so-called passive candidates. They are considered passive as they are currently employed but are open to new opportunities. The percentage (75%) of candidates who consider themselves passive is staggering.

Passive candidates are very sought-after for many reasons. Since they are already employed, they, in all likelihood, have the skill set and know-how that are important to other companies. Additionally, they are less likely to be interviewing elsewhere.

So, if passive clients are not purposefully searching for a job, how do you approach them?


1. Streamline your application process

Start by making sure that your application process is fast and easy to complete, avoiding at all costs, a long tedious process that will discourage the candidates from applying.

2. Write better Job descriptions

A clear, well-written job description will attract a higher interest from candidates who actually apply. Be accurate as to what the job entails. What you are aiming for is an impressive choice of passive candidates, who will step in at the interview with a clear picture of what it is you are offering.

3. Utilize social media

Candidates who have social media presence tend to be more tech-savvy and knowledgeable about current business trends. They also tend to be more productive as an employee will stay longer at a company. Addressing passive candidates through Social Media is easy, reliable and very useful in this day and age.

4. Get Referrals

Referrals are the currency of recruiting,  and they are shaping the future of  HR into a well-oiled talent generating engine.  More and more people are turning to their network to recommend a position or to look for one, and it works. Ask your network if they know anyone they would recommend as your common connection will open up the door to an honest and insightful conversation. This is where referral platforms, such as Firstbird come in. This streamlined digital platform, helps save time and money invested by recruiters by allowing them to activate their network to find those hard to find, passive candidates.

So, don’t be discouraged. Finding great candidates may seem hard and time-consuming, but eventually, they may lead you to someone who is just as equally qualified.

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