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4 Hiring Strategies to Help You Beat The Talent Crunch

Finding exceptional talents in today’s workforce is a challenge for most recruiters and hiring managers. Companies are racing to get a hold of high-quality candidates and lock them in for employment. But how can you make sure you stay ahead of the pack and get only the best?

Top 8 Interview Questions To Ask Your Referral

Employee referral programs are effective tools to find great candidates for your company. Studies show that referred candidates get hired faster than traditional candidates, are cheaper, and tend to stick around longer too.

5 Tips On How You Can Handle Employee Resignations Better

The hard truth about recruitment is that, sooner or later, even the best employees resign. There are varying reasons for employee resignations – better career opportunities, family movement out-of-state, health issues, etc. But, no matter the reason, employers are suddenly faced with the task of dealing with the loss.  

5 Tips For Fast And Efficient Recruiting

Top talent can come and go in the blink of an eye, which is why companies must always be ready to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. Hiring is an important business decision. Every day that a job post remains vacant means that the organization is indirectly losing money, and no employer wants that.

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