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Integrate your Prescreen recruiting with Firstbird referrals.

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Everything under one roof, no double handling and no duplicate data storage

Everything under one roof

The Firstbird – Presrceen integration means your jobs, applications and personally referred candidates are in one place – no switching back and forth between platforms.

No double handling

Experience automatic integration at its best. All your jobs, referrals and important information is automatically transferred between platforms, meaning you don’t need to do anything twice.

No duplicate data storage

Make recruiting life lighter and easier to manage by having all your data stored in one place. The Prescreen – Firstbird integration means that everything will be stored in one place – on your Prescreen platform.

Your jobs from Prescreen are automatically sent to Firstbird where we distribute them to all your Talent Scouts. Your Talent Scouts share them across their networks, providing you with quality applicants and personal referrals.

The personal referrals from your Talent Scouts are then sent directly to your Prescreen platform where you can begin the recruiting process. You want to sync every move you make with regards to the referral quality and status. Contact our Integration Expert for more information.

Benefits of referrals

With Firstbird, you are enriching your Greenhouse recruiting with the most efficient recruitment channel possible: personal referrals.

Best Quality

Referred candidates are 15% more productive than candidates hired through traditional recruiting channels.

Highest Speed

Referred candidates are hired as fast as 29 days after their application.

Lower Costs

Hiring referred candidates means up to 100% cost reduction in comparison to other recruiting channels.

Most authentic Employer Branding

Referrals from friends remain the most credible form of advertising and the most favoured way of exchanging information for candidates.

Highest staff retention

Referred candidates stay up to 25% longer in your company. They are about 15% less likely to leave within the first year.

Success Stories

What our customers say about Firstbird

Efficient program – seven referrals generated, three of  which were hired.”

Michael Lennarz, Recruiting Advisor – Stroer

“Four hires in six weeks.  In a nutshell: GREAT SUCCESS!:-)

Johanna Jany-Kohlmeyer, Head of Human Resources – Vice

Great gamification and product usability.”

Marco Garbrecht, Head of Recruiting – TrustedShops

An impressive idea to use the potential of one’s own employees.”

Stefan Kainz, Chief Commercial Officer – Wikifolio

“Within a few months we successfully hired 48 new employees with Firstbird.

Roland Droste, Director HR – Arvato SCM


“Within a week of introducing Firstbird, we received 8 referrals.

Angelo Ciaramella, Head of Active Sourcing – Tamedia

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