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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a location or department?

When you create your account, you will be asked to nominate locations and departments. An example of a location can be Berlin or Europe. Departments can be things such as marketing, IT or even career levels. Once you nominate your locations and departments, both your Talent Scouts and jobs will be assigned to a specific location and department. That allows us to match your jobs and Talent Scouts accurately and will help keep your referral program structured and efficient for everyone.

What is a reward plan?

Similar to your departments and locations, you can create your reward options (reward plans) in your settings. Once you have done this, every time you create a job, you will be able to select one of your reward plans from a drop-down menu.

Why do I need storage for closed referrals?

Storage for closed referrals is great to help you keep track of your past candidates and referrals. When you close a referral, they are automatically placed in your closed referral list, creating an essential database of all your past referrals.

What does “branding” mean?

Branding of jobs and shares means that you can customise your account with your company’s branding. It gives your company significant exposure to every person that comes into contact with your jobs and links.

What does the "optional incognito mode" mean?

The optional incognito mode means that Talent Scouts can become “incognito” at any time. If a Talent Scout chooses to go incognito, they will not be able to follow or be followed by other Talent Scouts, nor will they appear on the leaderboard and their activities will not appear in any newsfeeds.

What does “Additional Hiring Team Members” mean?

For each job you create, you will be required to nominate one person who is the responsible person for this job. However, sometimes you may like other people in the company to also receive updates about this job, and therefore, you can add them to the hiring team. A person who is added to the hiring team is not the primary contact person for the job but receives all updates accordingly.

What is the “Hot Job Function”?

After creating a job and publishing it, the Talent Scouts in the relevant location and department will be notified of your job via a job digest delivered daily to their inbox. If you select the “Hot Job Function”, every Talent Scout in your company (regardless of their location or department) is informed of this job.

What is an integration?

An integration is a connection between Firstbird and the external software (your applicant tracking system) you already use. Standard ATS integration means you can access our open API to integrate Firstbird to your existing ATS. Custom API integration is an additional option we offer to help you with customising your integration to your applicant tracking system.

What are Firstbird’s Advanced Data Privacy Regulations?

For customers on our Enterprise Package, we offer customised Data Processing Agreements so Firstbird can match your internal security and data policies.

What is a job branding bundle?

The customized branding of jobs, shares, and text for job sharing in one style creates one “job bundle”. A job branding bundle allows you to add things like your company logo and a short company description, which advances your company’s branding with each share across your Talent Scouts’ networks.

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