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June 2021

Talent Scouts Can Now Share via WeChat

WeChat NL EN

We are excited to announce starting July 6th 2021, we will add WeChat as an additional social media sharing option for all devices. This update will allow users to share their company’s open jobs easily and seamlessly over WeChat, one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in the world with over 1 billion users. If you would like to allow your Talent Scouts to share jobs via WeChat, simply checkmark the box “WeChat” in the social network sharing options under the Settings menu of your Account Preferences (Account Preferences → Settings).

This feature will be released on July 6th, 2021. More information on how to enable the WeChat sharing option can be found in our Help Center.

Rewards for Feedback Are Now Given After a Referral Applies

Points after referral applies EN NL

As you are aware, Talent Scouts are rewarded points for providing feedback on their accepted referrals. Talent Scouts were previously awarded points immediately following the submission of their feedback even if the application was still in progress. In a small number of cases, this process resulted in Talent Scouts receiving points for applications that were never completed. To prevent this from happening, Talent Scouts will still be awarded points for providing feedback, but they will receive points and Firstbird Coins after the application has been completed.

Reminder: Removal of the Follow Function & Talent Scout Menu Item

As announced in May, we will be removing the “follow”-function and menu item for Talent Scouts on July 6th, 2021. That means that Talent Scouts will not be able to follow other Talent Scouts anymore, and will no longer be informed of any of their activities.

May 2021

Removal of the Follow Function & Talent Scout Menu Item

Removal of follow function

On July 6th, 2021 we will be removing the “follow”-function and menu item for Talent Scouts. That means that Talent Scouts will not be able to follow other Talent Scouts anymore, and will no longer be informed of any of their activities. This function was one of the original features of our platform, and our usage data has shown us that over time it is no longer used as a social component by Talent Scouts.

By removing this function, we will help Talent Scouts focus on being brand ambassadors and make Firstbird easier to use. Another benefit of the removal is that there will be less personal data exposed to other users on the platform, and therefore will have a positive impact on data privacy aspects.

March 2021

Reward Shop Multi Language Support Is Here

We’re excited to announce that you can now have the titles and descriptions of your items in the reward shop in multiple languages. This makes it easy for all Talent Scouts, regardless of their language spoken to understand and use the reward shop. In addition to this, the reward description fields now allow an unrestricted number of characters, allowing for increased flexibility so you can put as much information in there about each reward as you wish.

Furthermore we improved the mobile experience of our reward shop for Talent Scouts, so checking out and redeeming rewards has never been easier.

These new features are now live. More information on our new reward shop multi language support can be found in our Help Center.

Automatic Email Notifications for Approved Rewards

This latest email integration will allow a nominated email address to be automatically notified once a hiring reward is approved. It’s ideal for companies that need to notify other departments or persons when a hiring reward is approved, such as the accounting department, payroll or manager. This email integration is another small step integrating your referral platform into your processes even more.

This new feature will be released on 13th April 2021.

Interface Improvements for Talent Scouts

With our focus this year on improving usability for Talent Scouts, we’ve optimized the look and feel of the job listing and the sharing options on mobile and desktop. This will allow Talent Scouts to easily have a quick overview of the published jobs, making it simple and enticing for them to share across their networks.

These new improvements will be released on 13th April 2021.

February 2021

Our Two-Step Application Process Has Improved (Again!)

We’re continuing to advance our recently introduced two-step application process even further, and you will now notice:

  • Applicants can now continue their application directly from a share or referral link
  • The first reminder email that is sent to referrals that have accepted but not yet completed their application is now sent 15 minutes after inactivity (this was previously 60 minutes)

These new improvements are now live. More information on our two-step application process can be found in our Help Center.

Disabling Internal Applications

Some of our customers have requested the ability to disable internal applications. We are pleased to announce this feature is now available. Administrators can now find this option under their Account Preferences ➔ Settings ➔ General ➔ Employee Preferences. There you can define if you would like to allow your users to be able to use Firstbird’s internal application form to apply for jobs, or if you would like to disable that function completely.

This new feature is now live. More information on disabling internal applications can be found in our Help Center.

Customizing Social Networks for Job Sharing

Another flush update this month is our new customizable social network sharing options. This update allows company administrators to freely select which social networks they would like available for Talent Scouts to share jobs across. You can view this new feature under Account Preferences ➔ Settings ➔ Social Sharing Network Options.

Note: If you deselect all options, the share button will disappear completely for your Talent Scouts.

This new feature is going to be released on 1st March 2021. More information on customizing social networks will then be found in our Help Center.

Revoking Rewards in the Reward Shop

For our customers that are using the reward shop, you now have the possibility to revoke previously redeemed rewards, if necessary. This option is available only for company administrators and allows them to cancel a reward after it has been redeemed by a Talent Scout.

Once a reward has been revoked, the Talent Scout will receive a notification about the cancellation, and a custom message can be added to this notification if desired. The coins that were used to redeem this reward will be automatically refunded to the Talent Scout’s coin balance and the reward will be returned to the stock in the reward shop.

This new feature is now live. More information on revoking a reward can be found in our Help Center.

A Brand New Platform Status Page

To improve our incident management communication, we’ve recently launched a brand new platform status page for our customers. That means that if there are to be any service interruptions or scheduled maintenance work to our platform, the information will be posted there. You can also subscribe to updates to be notified of real-time status updates automatically via email. We’ll also keep you in the loop through the scheduled maintenance or interruptions and let you know as soon as everything is up and running again.

This new status page is now live and you can read more about it in our Help Center. You can view the page and subscribe to updates here.


January 2021

It’s now possible to enforce Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your company uses Single Sign-On (SSO) for registration and login to Firstbird, you can now enforce this as the only option available for all users. You will now find this option in your Account Preferences section, under Authentication. This update makes Firstbird even more secure and easier to use for our customers.

This new feature is available now. More information on how to enable it can be found here.

Beware: Enforcing Single Sign-On will disable all other authentication security settings (Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Policy, etc.) as these settings will now be handled by your Identity Provider instead. It will also disable your registration page and the ability to invite users via email as it is no longer needed. Pending invitations will be automatically redirected to the login page, making SSO the only option to register and log in. Please be aware of this before you enable this option!



There’s a new & enhanced referral name filter

We’re pleased to let you know it’s now possible to filter referrals by name. In the referrals section, all recruiters and company administrators will see the option to filter all referrals directly by name, allowing you to access the referral information you need more quickly and efficiently. This new feature is available now.

An improved candidate experience when a job is no longer available

In some instances, it might so happen that a candidate has accepted a referral but has not yet completed their application. In the meantime, that particular job has been unpublished and is no longer available. We’re improving on this part of the candidate experience by introducing an email notification to be sent to the candidate informing them that the job is no longer available, and that they will not be able to complete their application.

Recruiters will still be able to view the candidate in Firstbird; however, there will be an indication that the job is no longer available for this referral. In addition to this, the Talent Scout will also still be able to view their referral in their account but will not have the ability to provide any feedback on this candidate.

This new feature will be available on the 1st of February, 2021.

Important info you might have missed.

We have introduced a new referral and application process
Towards the end of last year, we introduced a new two-step referral process that was essential to improve both our users’ experience and to be able to provide you with valuable information about your referrals. With this significant and impactful update, you are now able to:

  • Quickly and easily determine the candidate conversion rate derived from candidates accepting a referral vs. completing an application: This is brand new data that was not previously available to you and is extremely valuable in improving your referral applications’ success rate.
  • Reach out to referrals that did not complete their application: With this new information, you will be able to view and contact candidates that have accepted their referrals but have not completed their application. This provides you with an opportunity to invite these referrals to your talent pool and to get insights into why their applications may not have been completed.
  • Integrate seamlessly to your applicant tracking system: This update allows us to easily redirect users to the application form of your ATS*, allowing for a more customized candidate journey on your request.

This new feature is available now. More information on our new two-step application process can be found here.

* your ATS will need to be able to support this type of integration. If you are interested in knowing more please get in touch with sales@firstbird.com or contact your Customer Engagement Manager directly.

November 2020

Statistics Update: What Has Changed?

You might remember in our last update we introduced a simplified referral form and divided the application process into two steps: the acceptance of the referral, and then the application. As a result, the definition of referral and application changed in the statistics dashboard. You can read more about this in our previous blog post here.

With our upcoming release, the historical data on the platform will be adjusted accordingly, meaning all applications via direct referrals and all applications via job shares that were generated prior to that update will be aligned accordingly. The statistics dashboard will now show the total number of referrals and applications according to the new process.

You will still be able to see the application via referral and applications via job share statistics in our reports. For a more detailed explanation, please read our latest blog post.


Automatic Approval of Rewards

Due to our customizable options when it comes to creating rewards, we often have received the feedback that some rewards do not require manual approval and this creates increased effort for recruiters. With this in mind, our upcoming release will allow for the possibility for individual rewards within a reward plan to be automatically approved.

We Will Remove Our “Easy Start” Wizard

As most of our users skip these steps when they first register for an account, we have decided to remove it.

Interesting Jobs Now on the Dashboard

To make it even easier for employees to share jobs, we will now be recommending jobs that may be interesting to them on their dashboard. A maximum of five jobs will be displayed, and these jobs will be consistent with the locations and departments the Talent Scout has requested to be notified about, as well as jobs that are marked as “hot jobs”.

Sharing via Email Is Now 100% GDPR Compliant

We have adapted our sharing via email process to make it completely GDPR compliant. This means that when you go to share a job via email, the Talent Scout’s default email program will open. The email is then sent from the Talent Scout’s own email address, meaning that Firstbird does not process any personal data.

Recruiter: The Number of Unread Referrals Will Be Removed From the Menu

The number of unread referrals displayed next to the “Referrals” menu item will be removed with the upcoming release.

October 2020

Simplified Referral Form

We have divided the referral form into two steps. In the first step, candidates will be only asked to enter the most important contact details (first name, surname, email) and then they will be asked to accept the referral. In the second step, following their acceptance of the referral, they will journey through the improved Firstbird application form where they can reveal more about themselves and add attachments.

If a candidate cancels their application after the first step, they will be reminded (via email) to complete their application after 60 minutes, and then again after 24 hours. If a candidate does not complete their application within 30 days, their data will be automatically deleted.
You will be able to get an overview of accepted referrals via the new “Accepted Referrals” tab, located under the menu item “Referrals”.

Referrals and Applications

There will now be a clearer distinction between referrals and applications. All candidates will be referred to as referrals, regardless of how they were referred. Once their application is completed (the second step of the application form), the referral will become an applicant. This will easily allow you to see how many referred candidates have applied and how many of these applications resulted in hires.

Chances to Statistics

The statistics will now show all candidates as referrals, including those who apply via a job shared on social networks. This allows the conversion between referral and application to be shown in Firstbird.
Internal applications, for example, applications that are directly carried out by Talent Scouts, will no longer be counted in these statistics.
Furthermore, we have decided to remove the shared jobs statistics, as sharing jobs via social networks does not allow an exact evaluation due to technical reasons.

Changes to Internal Applications

Previously, recruiters who had been assigned to a job as a contact person received points for internal applications and were asked to provide feedback. We have improved this process with our latest update and internal applications will no longer result in a contact person receiving points or coins (if the Reward Shop is active). Feedback is also no longer requested.

Optimization of Referrals on Mobile Devices

We have improved the card design for referrals on mobile devices. Reward cards that are due will also show when a reward is due.
For recruiters and company administrators it will now be possible to return from the job details page to the list of published jobs.
We have also further optimised the job view and referral form for mobile devices.

Improve Your Candidate Experience

Our Candidate Experience Package is also available as an additional product package, so you can now offer your candidates a uniform candidate journey with their application. With the Candidate Experience Package, candidates will be directly forwarded to your application form or your job in your applicant tracking system following the acceptance of the referral (first step). Referrals will be directly integrated into your application tracking system and information will be synced with the referral in Firstbird.


September 2020

Easier Registration Thanks to a QR Code

With the next release (v1.0.56) of the Firstbird2Go app, users will be able to register via QR code. First-time users will also get a short introduction to help them get off to a great start.

The latest version of the app will be available in the App- and PlayStore by the end of the week.

Learn more

Improve Your Candidate Experience

Present your company at its best and make your employer branding stand out. With our new Candidate Experience Package, you can offer your candidates a uniform candidate journey through our seamless forwarding directly to your application form or job ad. Referrals are integrated directly into your applicant tracking system.

Learn more

Referrals and Applications

Up until now, candidates coming from direct referrals and shared jobs in Firstbird were differentiated. Candidates coming from a direct referral were counted as a “referral”. Candidates coming through a shared job as an “application”. We will bring this type of differentiation together in the future to prevent misunderstandings.

Interesting Jobs Directly on the Dashboard

Your employees no longer have to search for jobs that fit into their network.
On their dashboard, they will be shown jobs for sharing that could be of interest to their network based on their personal settings.

Simplified Referral Form

Similar to before, candidates accept the referral, but now only the most important contact details will be asked in the first step. After accepting a referral, candidates will then go through the improved Firstbird application form where they can reveal more about themselves and add attachments.

Optimization of Referrals on Mobile Devices

We have further optimized the job view and the referral form for mobile devices.

Automatic Deletion of Referrals Extended

Until now, it was only possible to delete referrals that had already been closed. In the future, administrators can also configure when referrals should be automatically deleted.

Filter referrals by name

Recruiters can now filter referrals by name for quick access to relevant information such as employee feedback.

Change of Statistics

Statistics will now show all candidates as referrals, including those candidates who apply via shared jobs. This will allow the conversion between referral and application to be illustrated in Firstbird in the future.

We have also decided to remove the shared job statistics in the future. This is because the sharing of jobs via social networks unfortunately does not allow an exact evaluation due to technical reasons.

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