February 2021

Here’s What’s New.

Our Two-Step Application Process Has Improved (Again!)

February 2021_1

We’re continuing to advance our recently introduced two-step application process even further, and you will now notice:

  • Applicants can now continue their application directly from a share or referral link
  • The first reminder email that is sent to referrals that have accepted but not yet completed their application is now sent 15 minutes after inactivity (this was previously 60 minutes)

These new improvements are now live. More information on our two-step application process can be found in our Help Center.



Disabling Internal Applications

February 2021_2Some of our customers have requested the ability to disable internal applications. We are pleased to announce this feature is now available. Administrators can now find this option under their Account Preferences ➔ Settings ➔ General ➔ Employee Preferences. There you can define if you would like to allow your users to be able to use Firstbird’s internal application form to apply for jobs, or if you would like to disable that function completely.

This new feature is now live. More information on disabling internal applications can be found in our Help Center.



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