November 2020

Statistics Update: What Has Changed?

You might remember in our last update we introduced a simplified referral form and divided the application process into two steps: the acceptance of the referral, and then the application. As a result, the definition of referral and application changed in the statistics dashboard. You can read more about this in our previous blog post here.

With our upcoming release, the historical data on the platform will be adjusted accordingly, meaning all applications via direct referrals and all applications via job shares that were generated prior to that update will be aligned accordingly. The statistics dashboard will now show the total number of referrals and applications according to the new process.

You will still be able to see the application via referral and applications via job share statistics in our reports. For a more detailed explanation, please read our latest blog post.


Automatic Approval of Rewards


Due to our customizable options when it comes to creating rewards, we often have received the feedback that some rewards do not require manual approval and this creates increased effort for recruiters. With this in mind, our upcoming release will allow for the possibility for individual rewards within a reward plan to be automatically approved.

We Will Remove Our “Easy Start” Wizard


As most of our users skip these steps when they first register for an account, we have decided to remove it.

Interesting Jobs Now on the Dashboard

To make it even easier for employees to share jobs, we will now be recommending jobs that may be interesting to them on their dashboard.

A maximum of five jobs will be displayed, and these jobs will be consistent with the locations and departments the Talent Scout has requested to be notified about, as well as jobs that are marked as “hot jobs”.

Sharing via Email Is Now 100% GDPR Compliant

We have adapted our sharing via email process to make it completely GDPR compliant. This means that when you go to share a job via email, the Talent Scout’s default email program will open. The email is then sent from the Talent Scout’s own email address, meaning that Firstbird does not process any personal data.

Recruiter: The Number of Unread Referrals Will Be Removed From the Menu

The number of unread referrals displayed next to the “Referrals” menu item will be removed with the upcoming release.

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