November 2021

A Better Overview of All Referrals for Talent Scouts

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Under “My Referrals” in the menu bar, Talent Scouts will soon find the tabs "Hired" and "Closed" will be merged into "Completed".

Additionally, the tab "In Progress" will be split into "Accepted" and "In Progress".

Your employees will be able to find candidates that have accepted the referral but not yet completed their application under the "Accepted" tab. Once the candidate completes their application and it goes through to recruiters, the referral will be moved to the "In Progress" tab.

On mobile, we position referrals that are yet to receive feedback from Talent Scouts above all others. Furthermore, each referral will now receive an indicator that shows the progress of the referral in the recruiting process to make it easier for employees to understand the progress and current status. This indicator is based on Firstbird's own statuses (Pending, Accepted, In Progress, and Completed).

The reason for this change is because Talent Scouts don’t receive points for a referral unless the candidate has completed the application in its entirety. This way Talent Scouts can easily see which referrals they have already received points for, and which they have not.

In order to give both existing as well as new users a better understanding of the steps involved in the referral process, we have created a help page that can be accessed by clicking on the .

This new feature will be released on December 14th.

View the status of our updates at our open community product board or contact your Customer Engagement Manager if you have any further questions about our releases.

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