October 2020

Simplified Referral Form

We have divided the referral form into two steps. In the first step, candidates will be only asked to enter the most important contact details (first name, surname, email) and then they will be asked to accept the referral.

In the second step, following their acceptance of the referral, they will journey through the improved Firstbird application form where they can reveal more about themselves and add attachments.


If a candidate cancels their application after the first step, they will be reminded (via email) to complete their application after 60 minutes, and then again after 24 hours.

If a candidate does not complete their application within 30 days, their data will be automatically deleted. You will be able to get an overview of accepted referrals via the new "Accepted Referrals" tab, located under the menu item "Referrals". 

Referrals and Applications


There will now be a clearer distinction between referrals and applications. All candidates will be referred to as referrals, regardless of how they were referred. Once their application is completed (the second step of the application form), the referral will become an applicant.

This will easily allow you to see how many referred candidates have applied and how many of these applications resulted in hires.

Changes to Statistics


The statistics will now show all candidates as referrals, including those who apply via a job shared on social networks. This allows the conversion between referral and application to be shown in Firstbird. Internal applications, for example, applications that are directly carried out by Talent Scouts, will no longer be counted in these statistics.

Furthermore, we have decided to remove the shared jobs statistics, as sharing jobs via social networks does not allow an exact evaluation due to technical reasons. 


Changes to Internal Applications

Previously, recruiters who had been assigned to a job as a contact person received points for internal applications and were asked to provide feedback. We have improved this process with our latest update and internal applications will no longer result in a contact person receiving points or coins (if the Reward Shop is active). Feedback is also no longer requested.

Optimization of Referrals on Mobile Devices

We have improved the card design for referrals on mobile devices. Reward cards that are due will also show when a reward is due. For recruiters and company administrators it will now be possible to return from the job details page to the list of published jobs. We have also further optimised the job view and referral form for mobile devices.


Improve Your Candidate Experience

Our Candidate Experience Package is also available as an additional product package, so you can now offer your candidates a uniform candidate journey with their application.

With the Candidate Experience Package, candidates will be directly forwarded to your application form or your job in your applicant tracking system following the acceptance of the referral (first step).

Referrals will be directly integrated into your application tracking system and information will be synced with the referral in Firstbird.


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