September 2020

Easier Registration Thanks to a QR Code

September 2021_2

With the next release (v1.0.56) of the Firstbird2Go app, users will be able to register via QR code. First-time users will also get a short introduction to help them get off to a great start.

The latest version of the app will be available in the App- and PlayStore by the end of the week.

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Improve Your Candidate Experience

Present your company at its best and make your employer branding stand out. With our new Candidate Experience Package, you can offer your candidates a uniform candidate journey through our seamless forwarding directly to your application form or job ad. Referrals are integrated directly into your applicant tracking system. 

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Referrals and Applications


Up until now, candidates coming from direct referrals and shared jobs in Firstbird were differentiated. Candidates coming from a direct referral were counted as a “referral”. Candidates coming through a shared job as an "application". We will bring this type of differentiation together in the future to prevent misunderstandings.

Interesting Jobs Directly on the Dashboard


Your employees no longer have to search for jobs that fit into their network. On their dashboard, they will be shown jobs for sharing that could be of interest to their network based on their  personal settings.

Simplified Referral Form

Similar to before, candidates accept the referral, but now only the most important contact details will be asked in the first step. After accepting a referral, candidates will then go through the improved Firstbird application form where they can reveal more about themselves and add attachments.

Optimization of Referrals on Mobile Devices

We have further optimized the job view and the referral form for mobile devices. 

Automatic Deletion of Referrals Extended

Until now, it was only possible to delete referrals that had already been closed. In the future, administrators can also configure when referrals should be automatically deleted.

Filter referrals by name

Recruiters can now filter referrals by name for quick access to relevant information such as employee feedback.

Change of Statistics

Statistics will now show all candidates as referrals, including those candidates who apply via shared jobs. This will allow  the conversion between referral and application to be illustrated in Firstbird in the future.

We have also decided to remove the shared job statistics in the future. This is because the  sharing of jobs via social networks unfortunately does not allow an exact evaluation due to technical reasons.


If you are interested in more details on all new future functions, you can read them today in our product blog:

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