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If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it!

Benefits at a glance


With Firstbird you can measure all activity and identify key brand ambassadors.


Surface valuable insights to improve over time, by measuring key metrics and actions within Firstbird.

"Firstbird has greatly simplified our employee referral process - the administrative effort for HR has decreased, and our employees are much more committed referrers than before. It is super easy to share our vacancies across entire personal networks with just one click. This means we can now reach many passive candidates and make Ravensburger even better known."

Firstbird Customer - vera-klaiber

– Vera Klaiber – 
Employer Brand Managerin
Ravensburger AG

Firstbird Statistics

With Firstbird statistics you can see which networks are performing the best, which employees are your most active brand ambassadors and how many potential applicants you reach.

Statistics for Every Job

For each job posted on Firstbird you can measure reach, share count and how many referrals have been received. 

Statistics for Referrers

Referrers can also track their activity and personal success statistics through Firstbird, encouraging continual engagement.


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