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Social Reach

The most powerful form of advertising is made by happy employees.

Benefits at a glance

Authentic Employer Branding

Your employees’ become genuine brand ambassadors for your brand on social networks.

Extend Your Reach

Multiply the reach of your job ads actively and free of charge through your employees’ social networks, instead of waiting on static job ads.

Access the Passive Labor Market

Tapping into your employees’ networks means accessing the passive labor market, enabling you to reach previously inaccessible top candidates.

"With Firstbird we have expanded our recruiting network and we now reach the target group right in their environment, where all the action is. On top of all that, we do it in the most authentic way possible - through referrals from our own employees."

Firstbird customer - roland-droste

– Roland Droste –
Global Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding
Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Social Networks

Firstbird is linked to all major social networks. Jobs can be shared in real time – anywhere, anytime from the Firstbird app or desktop.

Direct Referrals

Alternatively, employees can refer suitable candidates directly, and provide valuable additional information such as the reason for their referral.


Every job has a personalized link. This makes it possible to know which employee has submitted a referral, and via which network.

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