Working Together, For A Better World

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Shaping Together: The Firstbird Forest

We believe that we can have an impact if we work together against climate change. Together with our customers, we have committed to reforestation and are planting a Firstbird forest.

We Reduce Rather Than Compensate

Like most companies, we love to fly to potential customers to meet them personally and introduce them to Firstbird. However, in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, we always offer the alternative of a CO2 neutral online demo for customers who are interested in receiving the first insights into our product.  

A New Tree For Every Online Demo

Together with our friends from Treedom, we support local farmers in Cameroon. For every online demo we hold, we plant a fruit tree which provides value to both the environment and the local community. You can even follow every new tree with a tracking link, and watch it grow and prosper! 


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