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Autumn 2020 Update

Simplified Referral Form We would like to make it even easier to accept referrals. For this reason we have revised our referral form. Similar to before, candidates accept referrals as usual, but now only the most important contact details are asked for in the first step. After accepting a referral, candidates will then go through …

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Candidate Experience Package

In a recent survey conducted by PwC, almost half (49%) of jobseekers working in in-demand areas such as technology said they turned down an offer because of a bad experience during the recruitment process.* That’s why it is important to us that you can integrate Firstbird into your talent acquisition strategy from the moment of …

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Our Journey With Remote Work – Week 1

On Monday March 16th, we started mandatory home office for our entire team. We are sharing what we have learned from our first weeks of home office in hopes it might help you and your company adjust to our new “normal” in terms of our work life.

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Employee search: How employee referrals help to hire for cultural fit

The importance of cultural fit in recruiting​ First, consider the “cultural fit” between the company and the applicant. If the candidate’s own values match the company’s values, chances are good that he or she will fit the company, the team and the corporate culture. If, on top of that, the professional qualifications are right, it’s …

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Talent Management

What is Talent Management?​

Many companies are changing their organizational structure, but they are following old patterns when it comes to talent management. In fact, employees develop off the classical career paths in only one in three companies. According to the 2018 Talent Management Study by Kienbaum, almost 70 percent of companies geared career development only with management positions as vertical advancement with very little emphasis placed on other advancement opportunities. But what exactly does Talent Management mean?

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Firstbird is taking flight

Firstbird has a brand new look. Why? The last few years have proven to us that Firstbird is more than just a digital employee referral program for our customers. For our customers, it is a fundamental paradigm shift away from traditional external recruitment channels towards their own strengths and it is a big step towards …

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