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The results of the world’s biggest employee referral benchmark report are finally in!

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Employee Referral Benchmark Report 2023 – The Exclusive Results of the 4th Edition

The results for the world’s biggest employee referral benchmark report are finally in! We are excited to invite everyone to this one-of-a-kind webinar to shed light on employee referral programs, your secret weapon in today’s acute talent shortage.

After gathering hundreds of insights from companies worldwide, we are ready to provide you with an in-depth analysis of referral standards, all-important for your program’s success! In this exclusive webinar hosted by Matthias Wolf, CRO DACH @Radancy, and Arnim Wahls, Managing Director DACH @Radancy, you will learn all about global benchmarks on 5 major employee referral topics:

- Optimal hiring success rates, including the most commonly filled vacancies
- Most efficient reward policies and payouts, including how and when to reward
- Most effective engagement strategies: what best motivates your referrers
- Overall key drivers imperative to your program's success
- Choosing the right type of strategy for your company and goals

…and much more!

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