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Radancy’s Learning Academy

Tips & Insights to Level Up Your Recruiting

Radancy's Learning Academy

Improve your Talent Acquisition strategies with our free learning materials. Stay up-to-date with the latest recruitment trends and ahead of the competition.
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What is Radancy's Learning Academy?

Radancy’s Learning Academy offers a comprehensive array of free educational resources crafted specifically for HR and Talent Acquisition experts. With a particular focus on Employee Branding and strategies to amplify brand awareness through employee referral programs, Academy Hubs are an all-inclusive toolkit to enhance your talent attraction efforts

Refine your Recruiting Mix with our free learning resources and gain the upper hand in attracting top-tier candidates while navigating the dynamic recruitment landscape and its emerging hiring challenges.

Our Learning Courses

Learn the best-performing recruiting methods to attract the passive workforce via referrals.

Master your employee referral program with Radancy’s learning content and boost your recruiting success via employee referrals with our most successful referral tactics and blueprints.

Referral Recruiting: Essential Element of Recruiting Mix

Learn why employee referrals should be an essential element of your recruiting mix and the top hacks of the referral recruiting strategy.

Tips for Successful
Employee Referral Program

Learn tactics and blueprints of setting up an employee referral program from start to finish. How to make it a success: read the ultimate checklist, best practices and our customer’s success story.

Referral Rewards:
Best Practices and Blueprints

Learn how to build an effective referral rewarding strategy that your employees will love!

Explore our Downloads and Guides

Save time and effort with our resource collection to enhance your understanding of employee referrals or optimize your referral program. From comprehensive guides that provide step-by-step instructions for creating and maintaining a successful referral program to benchmark reports that allow you to compare your program’s performance to your industry peers — our resources will help you understand how to establish a referral program that engages your employees and drives quality hires.

Read our Success Stories

Learn from the experiences of organizations that have successfully implemented employee referral programs. Our success stories showcase how various companies across different industries have leveraged referrals to not only streamline their hiring processes but also foster engagement among employees. 

You will gain practical insights, illustrating how employee referrals can be a powerful tool for both talent acquisition and employee engagement.

Explore the Recruitment Advantages with Radancy's Employee Referrals.

We would be happy to show you how Radancy's Employee Referrals, formerly Firstbird, can turn your employees into reliable Talent Scouts in a demo customized around your specific needs.

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