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Here's how we increase your employee referrals - guaranteed!

1. We create a strategy and customize your branded referral platform

Our experienced referral experts will:

+ Analyze your company’s potential for referrals and, together with you, create the right referral strategy.

+ Set up your account and customize it to your brand.

+ Guide you through the entire implementation program.

+ Guarantee a successful start from day one.

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2. You invite employees to become Talent Scouts

When you’re ready, it’s time to invite your employees to become your Talent Scouts. Your employees know your company and its culture, they understand the needs of your jobs and they know people from all different areas of life. That’s why they are the perfect scouts for new talent.

3. Your Talent Scouts are informed of your jobs

You can create your jobs easily in Firstbird or through an integration with your ATS.


We’ll match your jobs with your Talent Scouts, so that the right Talent Scouts are always informed of your open jobs.


For every job and activity that is performed, you’ll receive in-depth statistics and analysis.

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4. Now the sharing & referring starts

Using Firstbird, Talent Scouts can easily share your company’s jobs on their connected Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing accounts. They can also share their link privately over email and WhatsApp.


Every link is personalized so you’ll know where your referrals come from.* Your Talent Scouts will receive points for their number of job views. As a recruiter, this feature allows you to track the reach of the job and channel.


Your Talent Scouts will be asked to provide feedback on the candidates they refer. This means your recruiters will receive personal feedback for every referral that comes through social media.

*This personalized link is customized with your company branding and will direct the candidate straight to your job description and application form.

5. Talent Scouts can directly refer candidates

In addition to social sharing and personalized links, Talent Scouts also have the option of making an application for a job on behalf of a candidate. The Talent Scout can simply upload the candidate’s information, including their name and email address. The candidate will then be sent an email and asked to finalize their application before it is forwarded to your HR department.

6. Receive referrals and rewards easily


Firstbird makes it easy for you to identify the source of each referral, so you’ll always know who to thank once you start making those hires! We also help you keep all your referrals, candidate information and statuses in one place so they’re manageable and conveniently accessible.


Rewarding your Talent Scouts should be a smooth and valuable experience. With Firstbird, you can set individual rewards for jobs, create a company specific reward policy and nominate your preferred currency. You can allocate monetary or non-monetary rewards, and our reward experts will help you decide on the best reward strategy for your company.

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7. View your Statistics & Leaderboard


Firstbird offers advanced analytics to provide your company with intelligent insights into your hiring KPIs. You will be kept up-to-date with the progress of your employee referral program and you can easily have an overview of your number of jobs published, your top rated referrals, your best performing departments and locations and much, much more.


The leaderboard ranks all Talent Scouts according to their level and number of points. Use this to leverage motivation and discover new and exciting reward strategies.

With Firstbird, you can start increasing your referrals today!

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