Firstbird works perfect with Prescreen


Prescreen is a cloud based recruitment tool developed in Munich and Vienna. With our e-recruitment tool you can manage your job announcements fast and easy online as well as offline. All applicant data get evaluated automatically in order to save time and money.

Having worked with personnel in Human Resources for several years we kept hearing the same pain points from companies of all different sizes. These problems not only affected the HR personnel and their companies but had negative repercussions for HR.

We decided to find a way to solve the problems with one tool. While remaining easy to use, it should offer real value and allow great flexibility. Our aim is to ensure the most promising candidates are identified and the right person gets the job.

This win-win situation needs to be user friendly and easy to use by everyone involved in the recruitment process – HR and candidates. Prescreen combines the latest technology, proprietary algorithms and a design that has a great usability.

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