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Firstbird is Merging with Global Talent Technology Leader Radancy

January 25, 2022 | Written by Arnim Wahls 

Today, we announced that Firstbird is reinforcing its digital employee referral program by merging with Radancy.* Headquartered in the US and serving customers worldwide, Radancy is a global leader in talent technology.

Firstbird has always aimed to help enterprises worldwide shape the future of their organisations by giving their employees a voice in the recruiting process. Since launching out of the Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin, our goal has been to make referrals the most successful recruiting channel for our customers and to become the global standard for employee referrals. Joining forces with Radancy allows us to take a valuable leap in turning this vision into a reality by expanding our global market footprint.

With Radancy, we expand our global market presence and strengthen our know-how with further talent acquisition expertise. Additionally, merging our technologies will increase the value for our customers.

With our combined products and expertise we can now offer talent acquisition teams a unique recruiting solution, empowering them with a competitive advantage to attract and hire better talent faster in the global job market.

While leveraging the full potential of a unified recruiting platform, we stay fully committed to delivering enterprises around the globe the best referral technology on the market and to continue offering our unique services, experiences and methodologies in each stage of the candidate journey.

– Arnim Wahls, CEO, Firstbird

*pending regulatory approval

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