Arvato increases their referral hires x10


Arvato made referrals their main pillar of recruiting using Firstbird – they now have x10 the volume of referrals than before. 80% of these referrals receive the highest quality rating, and every job they publish has the potential to 1,400,000 contacts.

Firstbird customer - roland-droste
Roland Droste - Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding -
Arvato Supply Chain Solution

See how Firstbird is helping teams acquiring their best talent through referrals

Firstbird Case Study – Arvato SCM

80% of Avarto’s referrals receive the highest possible quality rating.


“Ravensburger tripled their number of referral hires in the first 6 months”

b.a.d case study
B.A.D - Case Study Firstbird

After just 6 months, referrals now make up 20% of all hires for B.A.D.

What customers are saying

” With Firstbird, we have thousands of employees at our side as brand ambassadors, through whose networks we can reach candidates. Before that, they were out of our reach.”


Matthias Gerbavsits
Sales Assistant Director,
Generali Group

” With Firstbird we have expanded our recruiting network and we now reach the target group right in their environment, where all the action is. On top of all that, we do it in the most authentic way possible – through referrals from our own employees.”

Roland Droste,
Global Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding,
Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

“Thanks to Firstbird, we involve our employees in the recruiting process. They are fully and automatically informed about current jobs and receive constant feedback on their referrals.”


Annika Arnold,
Director Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding,
ISS Facility Services Holding

Boost Your Referrals With Firstbird Today

With Firstbird, you can quickly build a pipeline of exceptional 

talent for your company through the power of referrals.

More than 200 enterprise companies on all 5 continents use Firstbird to boost their referrals.


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