Optimize your employee referral process

Make employee referrals your most successful recruiting channel with the seamless integration of Firstbird within SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP selected Firstbird as their
main partner for employee referrals

Turn referrals into your company’s #1 source of hire.

Firstbird, the market leader for employee referral programs and 

an SAP Silver Partner, offers a seamless integration to SAP SuccessFactors.

Key Benefits


40% on

Say goodbye to manual processes, Excel sheets and basic referral modules from your ATS. Save significantly on your time and cost-per-hire.


Build a x10 larger
talent pool

Reach a talent pool 10 times larger than any other recruitment channel. 


your employees

Firstbird keeps your employees motivated to refer great candidates in their network, due to its gamification and reward system.


Get candidates with the best cultural fit 

Employees have an average network of 1,340 contacts each and are authentic ambassadors for your company.
Statistics show that referred employees stay longer and fit better within the corporate culture.

Learn more about Firstbird and our seamless integration with SAP Successfactors.
Download our referral program one-pager here

10 steps to make your employee referral program successful

Did you know that the impact of referrals is so big it can help you fill more than 50% of your vacant positions? Download the free 10-step guide and boost your referrals in no-time.


Key Capabilities


Synchronize your recruiting process in SuccessFactors with Firstbird. Jobs and applications are automatically synchronised without additional manual steps.


With Firstbird, your employees can easily share published jobs via their digital networks or directly refer a suitable candidate.

Job Matching

Your employees are automatically notified about jobs that match their interested areas and locations.


Keep track of which channels and employees are most successful. In addition, our communication features increase transparency and make it easier for you to exchange information with your referrals.


Appreciation guarantees a long-term commitment from your employees. With Firstbird, your employees receive points for each activity and can exchange them for items in the reward shop.

Employer Branding

Build employee referrals into your corporate culture. Firstbird completely adapts to the corporate identity of your brand.

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“Firstbird is complementary to SuccessFactors and enhances your recruiting success.
The smooth integration of Firstbird allows your recruitment to be more efficient.
In particular, when you are affected by the shortage of skilled workers and are dependent on the passive labor market, you will benefit from a well decreased time-to-hire as well as cost-per-hire.”

Célia Laforêt, Product Innovation Go-to-Market at SAP SuccessFactors

Firstbird customer - roland-droste

“With Firstbird we are expanding our recruiting network many times over and reach the target group directly in the environment where they are moving. On top of that, through the most authentic way there is – through referrals from our own employees.”

Roland Droste, Global Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding
Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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