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SAP Transformed Its Hiring With Employee Referrals – Empowered by Radancy

SAP Transformed Its Hiring With Employee Referrals – Empowered by Radancy

About the project

Company Name: SAP

Company size: > 100,000

Industry: Software company

Working together since 2021

Integration: SAP


The Challenge

Attracting Top Talent in a Competitive Market

SAP, a global market-leading software and technology company with over 110,000 employees across 78 countries, faced the daunting task of attracting top talent in an intensely competitive global employment market. To meet their increased hiring needs, SAP needed to explore practical strategies for sourcing highly qualified candidates.

Despite not previously utilizing employee referrals as a talent acquisition channel, their recruiting team recognized the untapped potential of leveraging the extensive networks of their current to quickly and efficiently connect to highly qualified professionals.


The Solution

Harnessing the Power of Employee Referrals

Recognizing the value of employee referrals, the strength of Radancy’s referral technology, and the expertise of Radancy’s implementation team to execute it, SAP decided to implement a digital and automated employee referral program as a key element of their talent attraction strategy – launching Radancy’s Employee Referrals globally.

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“We were able to launch our new referral program for more than 100,000 employees across 78 countries with the click of a button. Radancy’s Employee Referrals is one of the most visible tools that we have implemented within the talent attraction team for our employees and the talent in the market. And it has created instant and measurable success short term.”



The implementation plan focused on efficient communication among employees to promote the referral program, ensure its accessibility, and foster a sense of ownership and engagement among the program’s stakeholders: recruiters and employees.

The invitation to register within Radancy’s Employee Referrals was communicated via personal emails from the SAP HR Talent Attraction Team, which included registration links, How-To and Testimonial videos, as well as in-depth program descriptions and referral rewards information.

Indeed, employees were encouraged to register as Talent Scouts, turning their networks into valuable sources for potential candidates. With a simple click, the program went live within only 3 months and quickly became one of the most visible SAP’s recruiting channels..

To incentivize employee participation in the newly launched referral program, SAP designed a reward strategy for successful referrals customized to the employees’ needs with the support of Radancy’s implementation team. Talent Scouts who refer candidates that are subsequently hired are rewarded with monetary incentives, which amount depends on the vacant position. These rewards for referral activity not only serve as an acknowledgment and appreciation for the referral efforts of the Talent Scouts but also as motivation for non-registered employees to join the program and start referring, further enhancing the program’s attractiveness.


The Results

Transforming Hiring with Employee Referrals

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“Within a few months after going live our referrals have boosted our hiring numbers, particularly over social media, and they’re now an even more significant pillar of our talent attraction strategy. For us, referrals are vital to win challenges in today’s competitive global employment market.”



The implementation of the employee referral program at SAP yielded impressive results. Within a few months of its launch, the program proved to be a significant contributor to their talent attraction strategy. The following key statistics highlight the program’s success:


  • Engaged Workforce: 34% of registered employees actively participated in the referral program, demonstrating high engagement and adoption
  • Successful Hires: Through the program, SAP hired 1,500 employees in just 11 months, effectively filling crucial positions with highly qualified candidates referred by their current employees during the hiring freeze
  • Expanded Social Media Reach: Employees enthusiastically shared 78,882 job openings through their social media channels, resulting in an impressive 171,332 job views.


The Power of Employee Referrals Unleashed Thanks to Radancy’s Employee Referrals

These results showcased the effectiveness of Radancy’s Employee Referrals in helping SAP successfully address their hiring challenges by harnessing the power of a digital employee referral program. The referral program has become a vital pillar of SAP’s talent attraction strategy, ultimately resulting in measurable success in attracting top talent in a fiercely competitive job market.

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“We went live in only three months, something we could only achieve with Radancy’s strong partnership and super high dedication. Radancy’s outstanding team of experts that have supported us at every step of the journey. A big thank you for their dedication and great technology. Referrals have definitely become an essential pillar of the SAP talent attraction strategy.”


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