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Liftstar Gmbh and Radancy’s Employee Referrals: A Success Story

Liftstar Gmbh and Radancy’s Employee Referrals: A Success Story

About the project


ca. 900 worldwide

Individual & family services



A Germany-based company specializing in the stairlift and home lifter business, Liftstar Gmbh has operating branches in Austria and South Africa. They employ approximately 900 individuals, split evenly between field employees across Germany and headquarters staff in Cologne. As a family-run business, Liftstar Gmbh places significant importance on employee recommendations, considering it a cornerstone of its corporate culture.

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“We set a target of achieving 30% of our hiring through employee referrals, and while we fell just short of it at 29%, it’s still a huge success with 50 new hires added to our team.”

Patrick Matuschke, Recruiter


The Solution

The employee referral program played a pivotal role in facilitating smoother onboarding experiences. By encouraging employees to refer candidates they already knew, there was an assurance of a work-culture fit that is highly valuable.

In order to provide motivation for participants, Liftstar Gmbh introduced a rewards store as part of the program. Initially featuring donation options, the store evolved to offer bonuses due to employee preferences. The company actively listened to employee feedback and consistently updated the store to maintain its appeal. Premiums and gift vouchers were also on offer, with an attractive incentive structure that encouraged employees to accumulate points.

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“It’s not just about recruiting; it’s about creating a positive and engaging experience for your employees.”

Patrick Matuschke, Recruiter



Liftstar Gmbh provided motivation by organizing various competitions and activities designed to generate interest and foster ongoing engagement. These initiatives aimed to create a sense of fun and joy within the program, with high-level personnel actively encouraging participation and teamwork. Regular meetings and communication further underscored the program’s importance.

Recognizing the distinct needs and engagement levels of field and office employees, Liftstar Gmbh tailored its approach accordingly. Office employees were more likely to interact with centralized content, including posters and the intranet. In contrast, field employees benefited from more traditional methods such as postal mail campaigns to ensure they received crucial information. Contests, promotions, and location-specific rewards catered to the preferences and interests of both groups.

Central to the program’s success was its voluntary nature and emphasis on enjoyment rather than obligation. Careful planning and structuring ensured employees perceived the program as a benefit to them. Rapid responses to employee recommendations were essential for maintaining a positive experience, and the initial assumptions that employees may not be familiar with the program proved wise.

The Results

Liftstar Gmbh’s unwavering commitment to employee engagement is reflected in its long-term goals. The company aims to increase the percentage of hires from recommendations from 29% to 35%. The employee referral program is considered invaluable for both recruiting and retaining employees. However, Liftstar Gmbh maintains a commitment to not make participation mandatory, preserving the program’s voluntary spirit.

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“Employee referrals can be a game-changer for your company. When your employees become your recruiters, you tap into a powerful source of talent that brings benefits both to the company and the individuals involved.”

Patrick Matuschke, Recruiter


This case study underscores the significant value that an employee referral program can offer to companies in the realm of recruitment. Employee referrals have proven to be a cost-effective and organic recruitment strategy that benefits both the organization and its workforce.

In conclusion, Liftstar Gmbh’s innovative approach to workforce engagement through its employee referral program has not only enhanced its recruitment efforts but also fostered a culture of teamwork, fun, and voluntary participation among employees. The program’s success serves as a testament to the potential benefits it can bring to organizations seeking to enhance their workforce engagement and recruitment strategies.

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