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Recruiting Trends

Remote working has been in vogue at least since the pandemic. During many shutdowns, companies in industries that allowed it switched to working from home offices. Currently, however, many workers are no longer willing to come into the office every day. So what should companies implement in their recruiting process to better prepare for remote hiring and remote onboarding?
The Covid-19 pandemic has literally turned private and professional lives upside down, and both employees and employers faced unforeseen challenges from 2020 onwards. While many companies unflinchingly took advantage of the unexpected shift to the home office, other industries and companies strived to adapt. Read here what challenges pose searching for the top talents in these post-Covid times and how the proper employer branding and talent attraction strategies can help.
Also known as the “Big Quit”, the Great Resignation refers to the recent wave of millions upon millions of Americans quitting their jobs. This unprecedented phenomenon has turned the tables, leaving employers questioning what they can do to keep their employees onboard—is there a solution?
“Diversity” has become some sort of buzzword in today’s corporate environment, with businesses often being either praised for their diverse workforce or criticised for their lack of it. But, what actually constitutes a diverse workforce, and is it worth the effort of recruiters to pursue?
Several studies have shown that employee diversity leads to higher productivity, better and faster decision-making processes and, ultimately, to higher profits. By broadening your recruiting strategy to embrace diversity and inclusion practices, you can lay the foundation for your company’s success. Learn what a diverse and inclusive work environment means for your company and how to shape your recruiting strategy accordingly.

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