The Power Of Employees’ Social Media Channels

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Number 1: Increase Brand Publicity

Since employee-generated content (=EGC) is highly appreciated by customers, business partners and potential candidates, more and more companies are beginning to focus on strategies that support the engagement of their internal brand ambassadors.

Employees who share company content on social media will not only add significant value to a brand, but also increase interaction among the target group. Note that employee shared posts, are eight times more likely to be commented, liked or shared. With such posts, your brand statements gain more credibility, popularity and a bigger audience.

Number 2: Recruit Talent

As reported by Social Media & SEO Experts from a friend’s recommendation is stronger than a business message. That’s why job offers posted by an employee’s account appeal to more potential candidates than a career page or a job board. No wonder why 14.4 million job seekers used social media to find a job.

An employee’s message is considered to be more personal and is, therefore, a better way to successfully approach talent. Even though jobs posted on or another career site usually gain more impressions, more applications are generated via social media platforms like Facebook. Hence it is no surprise that 73% of Millenials found their last job through social media.

Number 3: Feed Network

Given the fact that employees have an average of 338 friends on Facebook companies enjoy an enormous network, most of them are not even aware of. To help companies gain the most for this,  they should focus on the employer brand. This way employee motivation can increase to a level that triggers them to publish company content on their private social media accounts. This content is usually given by the company itself. Job vacancies being shared or new brand campaigns are being shared most commonly. For job and brand shares to become more effective, the best way is to merge those two posts. Meaning that companies should provide their employees with shareable content that drives brand and recruiting value at the same time. A digital employee referral program is considered to be one of the most effective tactics to increase employee-generated content on social media.

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