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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

Firstbird Announces Job Sharing Now Available via WeChat

It is now possible for employees to share jobs with their networks via WeChat.

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SYDNEY, Australia – July 26th, 2021 – Firstbird announced this month the implementation of the popular social messaging app WeChat into their digital employee referral platform to enable direct sharing of job postings through the social network. The Asian messaging app is added to the existing social media sharing options via LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Xing. 

The addition of WeChat to the Firstbird platform will allow employees to easily share their company’s open jobs with their personal and professional networks easily and seamlessly over WeChat, which is one of the biggest platforms in the world. WeChat, also known as the “super app” or “app for everything”, is owned by Chinese tech giant Tencentis and stands for the biggest social network used in China and the Southeast Asian region. On the heels of Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger, its monthly user base is more than 1.2 billion people. 70 million users are WeChat at-work users, which represents a fertile ground for the high reach of job postings and, therefore, for better quality and quantity of employee referrals. 

“The addition of WeChat into our sharing options means that WeChat can become a powerful referral engine for companies in the APAC market, with their employees now being able to share jobs directly with large networks and contacts. At Firstbird, we always aim to provide organizations with the absolute best solution on the market, and we’re pleased that the implementation of WeChat represents our commitment to that priority. We are excited about the future, and look forward to growing together with our customers across the APAC region,” says Majella Grawatsch, International Business Development Manager at Firstbird.

Following the pandemic, employee referrals have been emerging as the leading recruiting channel for many multinational organizations experiencing hiring challenges amongst the shifting recruiting landscape. Firstbird has developed itself into a leader in the employee referral space and the WeChat implementation to the already existing social media platforms demonstrates Firstbird’s willingness to consolidate the company’s position in the global employee referral market.  

One of the company’s most successful initiatives, their annual Employee Referral Benchmark Survey, is conducted from April to May every year. This year saw the participation of 350 companies and revealed that most companies have referrals programs implemented, but few are using them to their full potential, leaving huge room for growth and improvements. You can download this year’s Employee Referral Benchmark Survey 2021 here.

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About WeChat 

Tencent uses technology to enrich the lives of Internet users. Their communications and social apps Weixin and QQ (known as WeChat worldwide) connect users with each other, with digital content and daily life services in just a few clicks. This high performance advertising platform helps brands and marketers reach out to hundreds of millions of consumers in China, which reflects Tecent’s mission to promote technology innovation and cultural vitality; help industries digitally upgrade; and collaborate for the sustainable development of society. Visit the WeChat website at for more information on this messaging app. 

About Firstbird 

Firstbird is the global leader in digital employee referral programs. With Firstbird, employees become brand ambassadors and referrals become a company’s most successful recruiting channel. With significant expertise implementing employee referral programs in enterprises around the world, Firstbird offers the technology, strategic advisory and service in all areas that influence the long-term success of a referral program. To learn more at

For more information, press only:

Majella Grawatsch
PR Manager, Firstbird
(+61) 412 253 950 

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